A Target team member helps a guest.

Results for the 2013 Forrester Customer Experience Index are in, and Target is one of only 13 companies (out of 154) to receive the top rating of “Excellent.” An overall score of 86, up from 83 last year, made Target the fourth highest-ranking company in the survey.  

Forrester surveyed more than 7,000 consumers during the fourth quarter of 2012 about their interactions with companies representing 14 different industries, including retailers, airlines, banks, investment firms, and more.

The survey posed questions about each brand consumers had done business with in the past 90 days and measured their experience against three dimensions:

Enjoyable: How enjoyable were they to do business with?
Easy: How easy were they to do business with?
Meets needs: How effective were they at meeting your needs?

In the retail segment, Target ranked ahead of Amazon, Costco, JCPenney and WalMart.


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