Target Winter Skincare

Essential Winter Skincare

The seasons change—so should skincare.

In winter, skin contends with wind, ice, snow, cold temperatures, dry indoor air, and a host of other factors that can leave it flaky and dull. The good news? It’s easy to change up your skincare routine to feel more refreshed and radiant.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate…Gently
Skin is dryer in the winter; so overzealous washing can leave your face red and irritated, especially if you use an exfoliating scrub that contains acne-fighting salicylic acid. For best results, exfoliate every second or third day, or trade your grainy scrub for one that’s extra-gentle, like Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub.

Double Up on Moisture
If you use a lightweight or oil-free moisturizer during warmer months, you’re likely to find that it’s just not enough when the temperature dips. Switch to one that’s more nourishing— try NP Set Bronzing Pre-Foundation Bronzer, at least for your nighttime skincare regimen.

Don’t forget the skin on the rest of your body—a creamy body wash may not be enough to prevent arms and legs from feeling tight and itchy. Try Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix, which contains glycerin and Aquaxyl to keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. For chapped lips, use a balm like Pixi Succulent Lip Twin, which moisturizes with shea butter and contains retinol to keep lips firm.

Turn On the Bright
Even with extra skincare TLC, winter skin just doesn’t have the naturally supple radiance that summer skin does. But it’s okay—you can fake it! Illuminating foundations contain light-reflecting particles to give an all over glow. L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator corrects and camouflages uneven skin tone, plus adds extra moisture. It also contains SPF 15—after all, sunscreen is one skincare staple that you need year-round.

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