Workout Gear 101

Workout Gear 101

Starting a fitness regimen? If you made a New Year’s resolution to spend more time at the gym, start by picking up some new C9 by Champion workout gear. The right clothes will breathe well, move with you and make you feel fast and free. So whether you’re starting a jogging routine or practicing your pranayamas, here’s how to start off on the right foot.

Yoga & Pilates
Look for clothes that allow a full range of motion. Since impact isn’t an issue, tanks with built-in bras are a good option. For warming up, a lightweight long-sleeved shirt wicks sweat away until you’re ready to go sleeveless. And don’t forget to grab a pair of dedicated flip-flops for showering and walking around the studio.

Pants; Tank; Shirt; Shoe

Low-Impact Activities
From step aerobics and Zumba to hip-hop class and shopping, dress for low-impact fitness pursuits in comfortable basics. Stretchy workout pants are flattering and easygoing, and in a t-shirt and matching jacket, you won’t need to change before leaving the gym to run errands. Shoe-wise, pick a pair that has lateral support to protect your ankles.

Pants; Tee; Bra; Jacket; Shoe

Running & Jogging
The foundation of a running or jogging ensemble is a good sports bra, so choose one with thick straps and compression to prevent bouncing—thin straps and halters just don’t provide enough support. For indoor runs, a tank top and sleek leggings are lightweight and aerodynamic. If you’re an outdoor runner, a light jacket (plus gloves and a headband) are essential. Top it off with airy running shoes that have a little bit of cushioning in the heel to help propel you forward.

Pants; Bra; Jacket; Tank; Shoe

Now just make sure to stretch and you’re all set!

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