“The Everyday Collection” brings style to the grocery and essentials aisles

January 8, 2013 - Article reads in
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With 1,130 general merchandise stores offering groceries and more than 250 SuperTarget locations throughout the United States, Target has proven itself a leader in the grocery business. And our latest marketing campaign, “The Everyday Collection,” has guests seeing groceries in a new and surprising way.

Fusing high style with food and other essentials, “The Everyday Collection” is the latest chapter in Target’s long history of cutting-edge marketing. “It’s not just different for the way Target has talked about grocery, it’s really different for the way anyone has talked about grocery,” says Carolyn Sakstrup, director, Marketing.

The multi-faceted campaign—consisting of print, broadcast, digital and social components—gives guests compelling content to experience and share. “It’s adventurous,” says the TV spots director Matthew Donaldson. “They’re willing to try something.”

“The Everyday Collection” takes a category typically advertised by price points and brings it to a level that makes everyday routines appear glamorous. For example, one of the eight TV spots zooms in on a model walking the runway with a whisk and egg in hand as baking mixes burst with color alongside of her. Then a seductive voice whispers, “Dominate that PTA bake sale. The Everyday Collection by Target.”

The campaign "creates a foil for what people are used to seeing for grocery advertising," said Jeff Jones, chief marketing officer and executive vice president, Marketing, in an interview with the Associated Press. "It combines the design ethos and fashion creditability that Target has with the idea that it also has great grocery items at a great price."

Check out the TV spots at Target’s YouTube pagelink opens in a new window and visit A Bullseye Viewlink opens in a new window, Target’s online magazine, for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the commercial.  

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