mother and children and helped by a Target team member

Scenario: You’re shopping at Target and find the perfect Christmas gift for your child—but your child just happens to be with you. Can you secretly get the toy into the cart and strategically cover it with other items without your child noticing? And then, in the checkout lane, can you successfully distract your child while covertly trying to get the cashier to bag the gift before your child sees it? Or must you return to the store and buy the toy at a later time?

In December Target helped solve this problem for busy parents and as a result received the award for 2012 “Mobile Commerce Program of the Year” by Mobile Marketer link opens in a new windowfor the QR code feature of Target's Top Toys campaign.

Target’s top 20 toys were equipped with a QR code and featured on the main toy aisles in each store. Shoppers could scan the QR code with their smartphones to purchase the toy (even if that toy was out of stock in the store by scanning the QR code on the signage) and have it shipped for free anywhere in the U.S. This is just one of the many ways Target is using technology to enhance the shopping experience for busy parents everywhere, providing them with integrated and seamless solutions.

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