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Decorating Duo: Ashley and Greg Brown Share Their Top 5 Target Must-Haves for the Home

A graphic designer who loves decorating and a web developer learning his way around power tools, Ashley and Greg Brown of 7th House on the Left write about renovating, decorating and living in their first house—a 1970’s brick ranch in Hanover, Va.

The blogging duo is part of Target Inner Circle, a curated crew of online influencers who get behind-the-scenes access to Target and will guest blog for us here on A Bullseye View.

Today, Ashley kicks off our first Inner Circle guest post with her and Greg’s top five “must haves” from Target to consider when decorating your home.


He’s a programmer. I’m a graphic designer. He’s a thinker. I’m impulsive. He likes sci-fi movies. I like black-and-white classics. He’s good with numbers. I’m, well… let’s just say I’m not.

Most people would think all these differences would drive us apart but, as it turns out, they make us a great team. Such a great team, in fact, that we tied the knot in December 2007. Fast-forward about three years—we purchased our very first house. Since then, we’ve been busy transforming it into something that fits our needs, wants, personalities and lifestyle. We have a lot of projects under our belt already, but there’s still a long way to go until we deem it “done.” But then again, when is a house really “done,” right?

Over the course of the last few years, Target has played a big part in turning our house into a home. 99 percent of the time when someone asks where we got something around the house, our answer is Target. Today, we’re super excited to share a few of our favorites.

1. Storage Baskets: The organization aisle at Target makes my heart go pitter-patter. We use storage boxes in nearly every room of the house. They look great and are wonderful for organizing pretty much anything in a functional and stylish fashion—from toilet paper to DVDs and dog toys.

With all the great updates we’ve been making to our home, it seems like we’ve become a bit of a hotel for our family and friends (it’s a small price to pay for being stylish!). We try to make our guest room feel like a home-away-from-home for any visitors. Before they arrive, we fill a hard-sided gray Threshold bin with a few nice-to-have things like a flashlight, bottled water, coloring book and crayons (for the kiddos), cookies, a house key, crossword puzzle book and a copy of our local magazine.

2. Matted Frames: When we want to frame a special piece of art or photo, our go-to frame is the Room Essentials Matted Frame. The simple black frame and wide mat draws attention to the artwork and gives it a modern, minimalist look. The best part: You get the “gallery frame” look for a fraction of the price at specialty decor stores.

3. White Dishes: Fact: You can’t go wrong with white dishes. If you think about it, all of the great restaurants use white dishes. They must be on to something, right? If you’re a “semi-homemade cook” like myself, a simple white dish makes your meal look that much more professional—even if you’re cheating a little with the pre-made mashed potatoes.

White serving dishes are also great for entertaining because you can pair them with any color or theme. My favorite white platter from Target is this porcelain square platter. A white ramekin baking dish is the perfect size to put in the middle for dips and spreads. These two pieces in particular are great for when you have unexpected company and need a “party in a flash.”

4. Candles: My friends and family have dubbed me a “candle snob”—in other words, I’m super picky about my candles. Yummy-smelling candles have the ability to transform any room into a cozy retreat. Whether you’re looking for something light and airy or deep and woodsy, Target has so many scents and styles to choose from.

Just don’t ask me what my favorite is. That question is impossible to answer! But I can tell you that our current favorite is Bella’s Capri Olive & Lemonwood. It’s perfect for winter, and the brass tin looks great.

5. Natural Cleaning Supplies: We recently started using more and more natural cleaners around the house. Admittedly, we were skeptical if they’d get things as clean as traditional products, but they work great!

We traded in our cleaning bucket for an eco-friendly arsenal of grime-fighting cleaning supplies. Target carries a great selection of natural cleaning supplies including Seventh GenerationMethodClorox Green Works and Scotch-Brite Natural Fiber Scrub Sponges.

And that wraps up our top five must-haves for the home. It was hard to only pick five! Greg and I hope this list inspires you to go out and find your own top five. Happy shopping!

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