Target and Todd Oldham Give a Staten Island School the Cinderella Treatment

November 28, 2012 - Article reads in
School Library Makeover

Last month, designer Todd Oldham teamed up with Target to treat one deserving Staten Island elementary school to a remodeled art room and library through the Target School Library Makeover program. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, which left parts of Staten Island under water and damaged, P.S. 21 Margaret Emery-Elm Park still stands strong and the students and teachers are back in school.

At the unveiling celebration, students, faculty and staff all cheered when they saw their renovated library and art room for the first time. Now boasting new books, Kid Made Modern art supplies, furniture, carpet, shelving and technology upgrades, both rooms transformed into inviting spaces where children can learn, craft, explore and grow.

The students couldn’t wait to get started and immediately began crafting and perusing the 2,000 books Target donated to the shelves.

Through Target School Library Makeovers, Target is on track to give one billion dollars for education by the end of 2015 —just one example of how Target is inspiring a love of learning and putting more kids on the path to graduation.

Below, we talked to Todd about his first ever Target School Library Makeover and his design inspiration for P.S. 21.

What was your favorite part of your school library?
Todd Oldham: I loved hanging out in the library when I was a kid—it was a never-ending surprise. The library ignited my lifelong love of reading and books.

Why did you want to participate in a Target School Library Makeover?
TO: Target’s generosity is fantastic, as they’ve renovated many school libraries across the United States. It was a pleasure to partner with them on the Staten Island P.S. 21 renovation. The art room and library are two of the most important classrooms to me.

What was your inspiration behind the makeover?
TO: To make a sunny and optimistic arena to learn and create.

How did you create a comfortable reading environment through design?
TO: Warm vibrant tones create a perfect atmosphere for learning.

Do you think the makeover will help keep students engaged in reading?
TO: I think the room will be fun space to hang out in, which will make kids want to stay and explore the new books that Target donated.

What was your favorite part of the Target School Library Makeover?
TO: Seeing the kids and parents’ faces when they first saw their new art room and library. And being a part of this huge team effort—the holistic approach to this project was amazing. The food bank partnership and their food donation mixed with books for each student and Kid Made Modern art supplies will have a lasting and ongoing positive effect.

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