Talking Intimately about Intimates: Full Support Bras Find Room at Target

November 8, 2012 - Article reads in
Beauty by Bali

No matter your shape or size, every woman knows that a great bra can make a world of difference.

Bali Intimates—founded in 1927 and now part of the Hanes family—knows that beauty is a feeling as well as a look.

Yet when it comes to intimate apparel, some women are forced to choose between beautiful looks or supportive ones. Until now.

Target has teamed up with Hanes to create Beauty by Bali, a new line of affordable and stylish full-support bras available exclusively at Target stores.

Target’s team of fit experts joined Bali (and their 85 years of design experience!) to create a full range of bras, from sizes 36C to 42DDD.

Below, we got the full scoop on how the Beauty by Bali line came to life.


Why bring Beauty by Bali to Target?
Kate Cox, Target Product Design: Full-support bras in the current market have a reputation for being uncomfortable and not pretty. With Beauty by Bali, we’re partnering with a trusted name in the industry to bring a contemporary flair to full-support bras.
Vicki Seawright, Bali Brand Marketing: Beauty by Bali aligns with Target’s direction for delivering innovative, quality products designed to help guests live their lives better. We’re really looking forward to introducing the Bali brand and philosophy of living beautifully to a new demographic!

What is your design philosophy?
Vicki Seawright: Bali is about delivering comfort and beauty. Beauty by Bali was designed to feature stunning styles with exceptional fit and comfort through innovative and feminine designs.

How did Target’s technical development team help bring the Beauty by Bali line to life?
Sandra Gagnon, Target Technical Development: Innovative thought is required to adapt to the ever-changing materials and styling in the intimate apparel business, and that’s what makes it a fun category to work on! To build a great full-support bra, we had to understand the fit needs of our guest. Through extensive research on comfort and support, we helped Bali create the best fitting full-support bras for our guests.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when looking for (or designing) intimates?
Vicki Seawright: The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for intimates is whether the garment delivers the proper support through a comfortable fit that helps you feel beautiful.
Kate Cox: Comfort is key. Intimates are exactly what they are named–intimate. They are right next to your skin. The comfort and quality of those items can make or break the kind of day you are having. Fabric (lace, micro or cotton), straps, padding, elastics and trims must all be soft and wearable.

Why should women put thought into their undergarments if no one really sees them?
Vicki Seawright: Simply put: your bra provides the foundation to every outfit!

Check out the collection, below!

Beauty by Bali Women’s Lace Trim T-shirt Wirefree Bra
Beauty by Bali Women’s Lace Full-Support Underwire Bra
Beauty by Bali Women’s Convertible Straps Bra
Beauty by Bali Women’s Back Smoothing Underwire Bra

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