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Chris Bettinger is proud to wear red and khaki as an Assets Protection (AP) business partner in Houston—but he’s also proud to wear camouflage as a captain in the U.S. Army Reserves. A Target team member since 2008, Chris was deployed to Afghanistan for most of 2010. Though it was tough for his Target team to say goodbye, they wanted to let him know that he was still part of the team even though he wasn’t able to be with them each day. They kept in touch via cards, emails and care packages that came regularly from his team. “Even a postcard with a few words on it helps you remember that you have a life back home,” he says.

While he was away, Chris was also supported by benefits that Target gives activated team members. We’re proud to support the many veterans and military reservists among our more than 360,000 team members. We provide benefits for activated reservists that surpass those required by law, including pay differential and optional medical coverage for dependents. We also provide pay differential for up to 24 months, which allows a team member whose Target earnings are greater than his or her military earnings to receive the difference in pay. In addition, our Human Resources team provides proactive Leave of Absence (LOA) guidance and support to ensure smooth employment status transitions for military team members pursuing a LOA.

“The constant support I got from the people I work with was so great that I never felt disconnected from Target when I was gone.” And there was an especially exciting moment awaiting him when he got home: Meeting his new daughter, Miller Lynn, for the first time.

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