Target x Joy Cho

Joy to the World: Joy Cho Guest Pins for Target this Holiday Season

Joy Deangdeelert Cho wears many hats—she even pins some too. The graphic designer, food enthusiast, designer, author, constant “pinner” and creative force behind her much adored-blog, Oh Joy!, can’t seem to stop spreading, well, joy.

The LA-based blogger has inspired thousands on her eye-candy blog since 2005 with a curated collection of and commentary on everything design, fashion and food.

Not surprisingly, Pinterest was Joy’s dream come true—and a perfect platform to showcase all of her passions. Her personal Pinterest page lives up to its name, and with nearly 12 million followers (yes, you heard us right), it’s easy to see how.

Lucky for us, Joy will be guest pinning for Target’s Pinterest page this holiday season along with Bri Emery. So get inspired by her board and read on to learn more about our guest pinner.

Why did you first decide to start Oh Joy?
JC: I had just left my job in New York, moved to Philly and gotten engaged. There was a lot of transition going on in my life, and a friend suggested starting a blog to document it. While the blog started as something totally personal, it eventually turned into an incredible marketing tool for my business, a great outlet for my creative endeavors, an amazing community and an integral part of my business.

You design, blog, edit, consult for brands and find time to pin. How do you do it all?
JC: After having my own business and my blog for seven years, I’m thankfully at a place where I can really choose the projects that are going to be the most fulfilling for me. I also keep a really organized Google calendar. I check that thing like 285 times a day to remind myself what I need to do!

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
JC: Colorful, whimsical, feminine, and mix-and-matchy… if that’s even a real word!

Where do you find inspiration for all your creative projects?
JC: All over—art, architecture, fashion and nature especially!

What do you enjoy most about Pinterest?
JC: I love the visual overload. I remember when I used to read a ton of magazines—I’d get a big stack and pour through the newest issues of my favorite magazines. I’d flip and rip out pages I loved, and I’d get so inspired by the things I saw. That’s what Pinterest is for me now, but on a daily basis. I love how you can build and save your collections for future reference, because who knows when you’ll need to know how to make that lemon soufflé or that knit hat. But, one of these days, you will!

What images do you find most beautiful? 
JC: Those that say volumes through images alone.

In your opinion, what makes for a great pin?
JC: A great pin is something that is beautiful to look at but also has a take-home message. Does the image inspire an outfit, a hairstyle, a style to decorate your living room or a recipe you can make? Everyone wants to learn something, so an image that helps get your imagination flowing in some way is the best kind.

What will you be pinning this holiday season for Target?
JC: It will be all about things I love this holiday season (food, décor and general merriment) with an emphasis on gift giving and gift-wrapping and some creative ways to wrap those gifts you’re giving this year!

What is your favorite part about the holiday season?
JC: There’s just a general joy in the air that I love. People take off work and give themselves a reason to relax. Everyone is happy and everyone eats a ton.

Do you shop at Target?
JC: I love the home office section for the best paper and organizing goodies, as well as the baby section for the cutest goodies for my little one.

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