Bri Emery x Target

Bri Emery Brings Her Editorial Eye to Target's Pinterest Page

We’ve been Pinterested in blogger Bri Emery ever since we stumbled across her blog, Designlovefest, and her equally addictive Pinterest page.

The LA-based blogger entertained an early passion for design and typography, and showed it off the old fashioned way—by keeping inspiration journals of images torn from magazines and taping them together. Thankfully, Pinterest now makes it easy for Bri to share her eye for stylish design without the scissors and tape.

This holiday season, Bri is one of our go-to gals on Pinterest, and will be curating fun and fresh images with her signature charm on Target’s Pinterest Page. She’ll be joined by Joy Cho, so follow along as Bri shares a peek into her whimsical world.

Why did you first decide to start Designlovefest? 
BE: Designlovefest began as my creative outlet while I was working a corporate job. I’ve always been into making visual journals, so I took that same concept to the Internet. Designlovefest really is a place where I can be myself and express my vision. I’ve gone from mostly posting others’ work that I admire to nearly 90 percent original content in the last year, and that has been unbelievably rewarding.

You run your blog and your studio. How do you do it all?
BE: Well, it helps that I love what I do so much. I’m able to work on a variety of different projects with all kinds of talented people, but it can be difficult to find a balance. Right now, I’m less design-focused than I’ve been in the past and am more working on building the blog and Blogshop, a two-day intensive workshop that teaches Photoshop to bloggers around the globe. I’m learning how to prioritize and make it all work, and right now I’m just going with the flow.

Is there one creative outlet you enjoy most?
BE: These days I find a lot of inspiration in shooting Instagrams. It’s a simple way to look at the wonderful details in this world.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
BE: Clean and punchy.

Where do you find inspiration for all your creative projects?
BE: I’m inspired the most when I’m out and about, learning and discovering in the real world, connecting with people and seeing ordinary things in new ways. I could be on a walk, brunching with friends, traveling, at the grocery store—just going, seeing and doing.

What do you enjoy most about Pinterest?
BE: Pinterest is such an amazing way to be exposed to other artists. Plus, any place I can store, categorize and share beautiful images is all right by me. I have found Pinterest to be a way of finding your own personal style.

What images do you find most beautiful?
BE: I’m really drawn to the strong use of color. My roots as a designer draw me to typography as well.

In your opinion, what makes for a great pin? 
BE: I think if you love an image and it gives you wide eyes or stirs you at first glance, you need to pay attention to that. Something you are naturally drawn to is always the perfect pin. I like bright detail shots most.

What are 3 things you simply can’t live without?
BE: Potatoes, vintage dresses and my Wacom tablet.

Tell us a little about the Pinning partnership with Target?
BE: I was so excited when Target asked me to guest pin over the holidays. How can you not love Target (or escape without buying yourself a little something when you just pop in for paper towels?) I’m excited to share images, products and projects I love with fellow Pinterest addicts!

You have a style column on fellow Target Pinner Joy Cho’s blog. Have you learned anything from Joy?
BE: Joy has been an amazing friend and mentor, and it’s been really awesome to watch her blog and pins evolve and change in her different life stages. Working with Joy on her blog was a huge growing time for me and I have her to thank for all of her wise words and long chats!

Do you shop at Target?
BE: Oh man—lipstick, scarves, tights, cards or new throw pillows for the couch. There are always a lot of good options.

What’s next for you?
BE: I’m just excited to see where next year takes Designlovefest and me! I’m open to new directions and fresh ideas, and I want to enjoy the ride. I’m also hoping to find time to travel to Spain or Thailand—I expect a lot of airplane rides in 2013.

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