qr codes

Texting all technophiles! You’re going to love what Target has in store for you this holiday season.

The top toys of the season—a must-have list of 20 toys that will top kids’ wish lists this year—are equipped with QR codes. Scannable QR codes may not be new (more than 14 million U.S. adults used them last year alone!), but Target is evolving the way they’re used to elevate the shopping experience.

So parents (and Santa—we know you’re listening too), flip out your phones and get ready to shop. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves—first we’ll explain barcode basics.

Now that you’ve raised your QR IQ, find out how you can use QR codes at Target this holiday.

To make finding the Top 20 toys a snap for busy holiday shoppers, Target introduced a dedicated top toys display  in stores and a hub online at Target.com/TopToys. In store, guests can scan a toy’s special code with the Target app to purchase the toy directly and ship it for free to anyone, anywhere in the U.S.

“Our in-store QR codes will add real convenience—and savings—for busy shoppers,” says Stephanie Lucy, vice president, Toys, Target. “Now, rather than lugging toy packages home while the kids are watching, they can scan the in-aisle QR codes to buy those toys and have them shipped for free.”

Anything that makes the hectic holiday season less hectic is fine by us! And best part? This isn’t a one-time-only type of deal. Soon, Target will be rolling out details of additional QR codes on additional merchandise in stores—so don’t stow away your smartphone just yet.

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