Nate Berkus with his new Nate Berkus for Target collection

Nate Berkus chats up collection at Target

Designer, author and TV personality Nate Berkus shares his favorite pieces and what inspired his collection at Target – out Oct. 21 – and a few style tips.

Inspiration can come from many places. What inspired this collection?
When I started designing products many years ago, I panicked. I worried, “what if I run out of ideas!” But the truth is I'm always evolving my own home. I tend to design the items I want to reach for right now.

From bedding and decorative accessories to window treatments and rugs, this collection is quite large. How would you describe it?
I'd say the line evokes a feeling that it’s been collected over time. There are elements and references from different eras, different cultures and different moments of my life. The end result is a collection that can be layered into people existing items and the items look like they’ve been assembled over time.

Are there any pieces, or one piece, that you’d say is your favorite?
The lacquer tortoise shell is a favorite of mine, for the item and the story behind it. When my parents were on their honeymoon, my mother found a tortoise shell on the beach, which she insisted they haul back home. My father was appalled, not by the tortoise shell, but by the bugs that came along with it. After it had been properly cleaned up, it hung on the wall of my childhood home for years. It's still there and I love it. The one I designed in my line for Target is a tribute to that tortoise shell and to my mom for sticking to her guns all those years ago.

Everyone styles their home differently. Do you see your designs fitting a certain type?
It’s not about a certain look or style. It's about having things in your home that you love and that tell your story. Regardless of whether you're traditional, French country or modern, all the pieces from my collection are designed to complement the things you already own and can be layered into your space. My rule is that if you love it, there's always a place for it in your home.

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