A Clear Winner: Target Pharmacy’s ClearRx Just Got Even Better

October 29, 2012 - Article reads in
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Target Pharmacy

When Target introduced ClearRx in 2005, the design of the standard prescription bottle was literally upended: The bottle now stood on its cap, featured color-coded packaging and an easy-to-read label. It has garnered tremendous praise from the design and healthcare communities, as well as our guests.

Always bent on improving, Target has recently updated this award-winning design. To get the full story on the new ClearRx, we spoke with José Barra, senior vice president of Health and Beauty.

How does Target distinguish itself from other retailers in the health and beauty sector?
José Barra: Design is the foundation which inspires everything at Target –from stylish products to innovative in-store experiences. We believe that great design is more than aesthetic and style; it’s about promoting creativity and innovation that leads to amazing products, processes and experiences.

At Target, we strive to help guests achieve their wellness goals by making products, services and expertise stylish, accessible and affordable. Target is a one-stop-shop –not only can guests shop for workout clothes and fresh food, they can get a flu shot without making an appointment and pick up vitamins for their family.

Can you tell us a little about the enhancements to the ClearRx bottle?
JB: ClearRx is one of the elements that differentiates Target pharmacies from the competition – it is a specially designed prescription bottle that helps our guests manage their prescriptions. ClearRx uses a colored ring around the neck of the bottle to allow each family member to easily identify their own prescription – each family member has their own color ring. The ClearRx bottle has an easy-to-read label and a permanent sleeve affixed to it that stores the medication information so our guests can reference it at any time.

And, the best just got better. We improved the functionality of the ClearRx bottle in three ways: We made the cap easier to open and close while maintaining its childproof properties, we modified the design so that the bottle stands upright on either end – whichever is most convenient for our guests – and we added a new color ring option (pink) to make identifying medications for different family members even easier.

We heard you had more than 90 prototypes for the original bottle design. Why so many? What does the prototype process look like?
JB: While 90 prototypes may seem like a lot, we didn’t make them all at once. We would develop a design, review it with guests and then incorporate their feedback into a new prototype. Ultimately, we wanted to ensure that we had thought through all of the little details that improve the design as a whole—from the way the cap sounds when it “clicks” to the way the bottle stands up. We did not stop working on these details until they met the high standards of ClearRx.

Is research a big component of the design process? What about guest feedback?
JB:  Yes. Target is a consumer-centric company –we are constantly reinventing ourselves to remain relevant to our guests in this ever-changing retail environment. The guest is at the center of Target’s design process, and we spent hundreds of hours observing how guests use the ClearRx bottle. By improving the ClearRx bottle, we ultimately hope that ClearRx will continue to allow guests to feel confident and secure with their healthcare choices.

How do you think these bottles embody Target’s philosophy on design and health?
JB: Target is committed to the health and well-being of our guests and communities. We recognize the growing awareness of health issues in the U.S. The ClearRx bottle is one way we are striving to be a positive part of the solution by offering a safe and reliable medication bottle, all while remaining design-focused.

Why do you think people are responding so well to the newly designed bottles?
JB: Health literacy is an issue nationwide. ClearRx has always offered user-friendly features such as an easy-to-read label with a convenient top label, larger print, a handy label magnifier, personalized color-coded ID rings and a permanent sleeve that lists common uses, side effects and storage information associated with the medication. The updated features including improved functionality of the cap and the convenience of the bottle standing on either end enhance the award-winning ClearRx design.

Why are you personally interested in health and beauty? What is your favorite part of your job?
JB: I like Health and Beauty because it is a fast growth area for our company –we are committed to helping our guests and team members stay healthy and look and feel their best. The favorite part of my job is working closely with a very talented group of individuals in a fast- paced working environment to deliver beyond our guests’expectations.

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