Promotional picture of the stars from 'Falling for You'

Target will bring movie watching and shopping to the next level with “Falling for You,” a star-studded short film you can watch while adding the items you see in the film to your cart … without interruption.

The romantic comedy, an extension of our fall marketing campaign, “Falling For …” follows the romantic exploits of two characters played by Kristen Bell and Zachary Abel while highlighting more than 100 items from our fall apparel and accessories, home and beauty collections.

Also starring Nia Long and directed by Emmy award-winning director Phil Abraham, “Falling for You” will be released at in three four-minute episodes Oct. 2, Oct. 4 and Oct. 9. The film culminates with a private, live event in New York City on Oct. 10, but don’t worry, you’re invited too. The event will be streamed live at with live coverage from the red carpet.

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