Catching Up with the CFDA: Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

September 21, 2012 - Article reads in
Steven Kolb

After recovering from an exciting New York Fashion Weekwe caught up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

As a champion for American designers in the fashion industry, the CFDA has been a trailblazer in fostering appreciation of the fashion arts through leadership in quality and taste for the past five decades. Founded in 1962, the CFDA celebrates its 50th birthday this year. (It’s also Target’s 50th Anniversary—twins!)

Made up of more than 400 distinguished designers, and with legend Diane von Furstenberg as President and industry icon Steven Kolb as Chief Executive Officer, there is a lot to celebrate.

So Target and Neiman Marcus have teamed up for an unprecedented collection of more than 50 gorgeous gifts by today’s top CFDA designers and just in time for the holiday season. Available in both Target and Neiman’s stores on Dec. 1, we can’t wait (and neither can anyone else) for the collection.

Below, Steven Kolb reveals more about the limited-time only collection and what it means on this special year.

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What does it mean to team up with two major brands like Target and Neiman Marcus on this special year?
Steven Kolb: Both Neiman Marcus and Target are longtime supporters of CFDA, and as two of America’s most important retailers, their support in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of our organization is something we’re extremely proud of.

How is this collaboration contributing to CFDA’s overall mission?
SK: The mission of the CFDA has always been to promote and celebrate the American Fashion industry and we believe that this collaboration does just that. It brings the creations of these designers to a very broad platform, one that is accessible to many people. Furthermore, fashion has become more democratic, and the CFDA celebrates that. We like the idea of celebrating creativity in multiple distribution channels.

Why is this collection unique from other designer collaborations?
SK: This particular collaboration is incredible because it’s the first of its kind; two retailers, two very different audiences and 24 American designers make for a very unique story.

How were the designers selected for the collection?
SK: All of the designers are CFDA members and have some existing relationship with Neiman Marcus and/or Target.

What were some of the designers’ reactions to participating?  
SK: Very excited, as one would imagine! As designers they want to see their creations on customers, and there is no better way to do that than by partnering with industry giants, Target and Neiman Marcus.

Did some designers design outside their specialties?
SK: Yes, many designers went outside of their realm of expertise, which is fun and exciting for them. Many designers also chose to create items they’re well known for, so customers will be very pleased with both!

Without spilling too much, what are some items you’re most excited to see?
SK: We are truly excited for them all. When we got a sneak peek of the collection we decided each one was our favorite, until we saw the next one!

Do you think this will appeal to both Target + Neiman Marcus shoppers?
SK: Yes, definitely—the products were designed exclusively for this collaboration with both the Neiman Marcus and Target customers in mind.

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