Mixing it All Up with the Ladies of Kirna Zabête

August 8, 2012 - Article reads in
Kirna Zabete

Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini stock their SoHo store with hard-to-find new designers and unusual pieces that they love. Whether for their own store or for their The Shops at Target collection (available September 9), Kirna Zabête has become the go-to destination for women looking for something a little different.

“We’ve loved color and print from the beginning,” says the duo. “We’re girls from the South—we didn’t grow up wearing black!”

Their first tip for getting the Kirna Zabête look? “Mix prints,” they say. “Pick a color pattern, then coordinate.”

Stripes and florals can go together if both share the same base color—or even any color at all. But the real key to successful pattern-matching is about embracing a “more is more” mentality.

“To triplicate a pattern is really fun,” they say. Echo a loud printed top by wearing similar patterns on shoes, hair accessories, or a handbag.

Another secret to great style is about finding the right proportion for a look. “Balance a tight bottom with a loose top,” they reveal—perhaps pair a colored skinny jean with a loose, folksy poncho. Or reverse the volume by wearing a tight tank with a long, voluminous maxi skirt.

And when it comes to mixing colors, it’s all about finding the right tonal balance. “We love mixing cool and warm,” the pair gushed. Pick colors opposite each other on the color wheel, or choose one bold color and one pastel as an accent. Other color combos that are made for each other? “Red and teal are like peanut butter and chocolate,” they exclaim.

But the most important piece of styling advice that Beth and Sarah offer is simply to have fun with fashion. Whether it’s experimenting with modern geometric prints, scouring racks for great vintage pieces or just carving out your own particular look, the key to sartorial success is stretching out of your comfort zone and just enjoying yourself.

“Have some fun and take some risks,” the pair encourages shoppers. “Your clothes are your armor against the world.”

Get more styling tips and check out Beth and Sarah’s favorite looks at On the Dot.

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