Target athletes guilty pleasures

True Confessions: Target Athletes Spill Their Guilty Pleasures

They might have their own fan clubs, clothing lines and the ability to defy gravity with their superhuman athletic prowess, but Target athletes can be just like us. No really, they can. They have the same cravings, relaxing Saturday schedules, and Top 40 tunes that get stuck in their heads.

Don’t believe us? We’ll let them tell you for themselves. Below, some of our favorite Target athletes—Carissa Moore, Simon Dumont, Ryan Dungey, Kevin Robinson, Torin Yater-Wallace and Kolohe Andino—give us the nitty-gritty details of their ultimate guilty pleasures. Spoiler alert: most have a sweet spot for junk food, indulge in reality TV and spend their weekends with family and friends, simply hanging out.


Carissa Moore: “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Simon Dumont: Ice cream.

Ryan Dungey: Looking at cars—namely, Audi.

Kevin Robinson: “The Real Housewives.” They are so disconnected from reality—it’s pure entertainment. I want the Real Housewives of the O.C. to do one episode with no makeup.

Torin Yater-Wallace: Taylor Swift music.

Kolohe Andino: Vintage Nelly is definitely my guilty pleasure. I don’t know why, but I just love his music—maybe because it’s sort of funny in a way.


Carissa Moore: Dark chocolate.

Simon Dumont: Sushi.

Ryan Dungey: Snickers!

Kevin Robinson: For sure ice cream. Also chocolate cookies, or anything chocolate for that matter. No nuts though.

Torin Yater-Wallace: Sno-Caps.

Kolohe Andino: Peanut butter is that thing.


Carissa Moore: Taking a nap and then surfing before dark.

Simon Dumont: If I’m not traveling, then you can find me bike riding, at the gym, or skiing in the winter.

Ryan Dungey: You’d probably find me racing. We race on Saturdays, so my family and I would be hanging at the track from morning until dark.

Kevin Robinson: Usually traveling for a riding or speaking event. If I’m home, I spend time doing family stuff on the weekend—taking the kids on a bike ride, to the park, or a family day trip somewhere fun.

Torin Yater-Wallace: Skateboarding in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Kolohe Andino: Probably putting on some slim-fitted pants, a button-up shirt and a fresh pair of Nikes. I love to socialize, so I might consider a high school party with my old lady. Or if it’s a boys’ night, we go hang at the beach next to a bonfire.


Carissa Moore: At the moment I’ve had Katy Perry’s song “Wide Awake” on repeat.

Simon Dumont: “Californication.”

Ryan Dungey: “Purple Rain.” There’s something about it that I enjoy watching. It’s filmed in Minnesota and I like Prince music from back in the day.

Kevin Robinson: My favorite TV show is hands down “Family Guy.” It brings complete joy to my life watching it, especially because it takes place in Rhode Island where I live. There is no Quahog, RI though. (Quahogs are a type of clam you eat).

Torin Yater-Wallace: “CSI.”

Kolohe Andino: Favorite TV show is “Dexter.” Favorite song right now is “Gut Feeling” by Devo.


Carissa Moore: Hanging out with my boyfriend!

Simon Dumont: Travel and reading.

Ryan Dungey: I like going on the boat and playing a little golf now and then.

Kevin Robinson: Out on the golf course. I love golf, but I’m terrible.

Torin Yater-Wallace: Every day is something new for me, so I wouldn’t say I have to do anything to escape.

Kolohe Andino: Taking a nap with the window open. Best thing ever!

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