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The Curiosity Shoppe in San Fransisco

Having opened in 2007 by couple-turned-cofounders Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom, the Curiosity Shoppe plays home to an eclectic mix of crafts, kits, books, unusual gift ideas, home décor and quirky objects. The duo aims to perk the interest of Target guests across the country with The Curiosity Shoppe at Target—one of four shops in the fall 2012 installment of The Shops at Target.

The dynamic duo sat down to chat about their 60-plus-piece collection of accessories, stationery, kitchenware, games and other

Why did you decide to open your own shop?
Lauren Smith:
We opened our shop for the simple reason that we wanted to try something new. We had been living in New York, and had reached the point where we were either going to stay in New York forever, or return to the West Coast.

How do you describe your shop?
Derek Fagerstrom:
We usually refer to our offerings as “curios for the creatively inclined.”

What are you most excited about in your Target collection?
: To be invited to create a whole collection under the banner of the Curiosity Shoppe that will be prominently featured in every Target across the country is pretty much too good to be true. We’re most excited about the sheer breadth of the collection! With more than 60 unique pieces, there really is something for everyone.

Was there something specific that inspired this collection?
: We wanted to capture the essence of the Curiosity Shoppe, so we focused on three things we look for in objects that inspire us: beauty, utility and wit.
LS: Our designs were also driven by happy memories of road trips filled with visits to national parks, roadside attractions, 24-hour diners, and the like.

It’s hard to pick just one piece, but what’s your favorite?
: We especially love the gorgeous wood kitchen accessories and all the textiles. The colors and the quality are amazing.

How did you feel when you saw the collection for the first time?
We were a little overwhelmed. We’d had lots of meetings with Target and had seen samples and mock ups, but to see the actual items in person was insanely exciting.

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