Target's first LEED-certified store

An unlicensed 14-acre landfill that used to top the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “worst sites in New Jersey” list has taken on a new life. Now cleaned up and restored, the site is home to one of our LEED-certified Target stores.

This store, in Stafford Township, N.J., is part of a fully LEED Silver-rated redevelopment that incorporates retail, office space and homes (including more than 110 units of affordable housing). The store was built with low-emission carpet, glues and paint; recycled concrete and glass; super-efficient HVAC systems; and a storm water management system that captures rainwater from the parking lot to irrigate the native-plant landscaping. The project gets some of its electricity from a wind turbine and solar panels, and even offers special parking spaces for guests who carpool or drive fuel-efficient vehicles.


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