Give With Friends: a look at Target’s first social gifting app

August 9, 2012 - Article reads in
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Fans of Target’s Facebook page are teaming up to give friends and family a special kind of eGiftCard – one that comes “from all of us.”

In February 2012, Target introduced a new social buying app called Give With Friends, which lets a user team up with a group of Facebook friends to chip in on an eGiftCard for a lucky recipient.

“It’s easy to use,” says Amber Reimer of the Target Social Business Strategy team, who began building the app with her team in 2011. “Anyone with a Facebook account can use the app to quickly coordinate and send a group gift to another friend.”

The app allows a user to choose from a list of their Facebook friends and send a request out to the group, giving each person the option to chip in on an eGiftCard for a specified friend. The user can pick out a design themed for the occasion (Birthday? Baby shower? Just for fun?), and set a goal amount for the group to shoot for, and the date the eGiftCard will be sent. Each of the friends then gets a request in their Facebook notifications, and if they want, they can contribute anything from $10 to $100 toward the gift and write a personalized message to the recipient. Then, when the big day arrives, the app emails the group’s themed messages with the eGiftCard to the lucky recipient.

The app launched in early February to many positive reviews. “This is great! Perfect timing for a baby shower gift I’m organizing with friends this weekend,” one excited fan posted on Target’s Facebook wall.

Check out Give With Friends on Target’s Facebook page.


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