Artist Seidel, shown on the largest LED display in the Midwest, atop a downtown Target office tower.

artists’ work lights up Minneapolis skyline

Five globally celebrated artists are working in a brand-new medium these days: the Target Lights atop one of the company’s downtown Minneapolis office towers. As part of Target’s first-ever Summer Artist Series, each artist contributed a new landmark to the Minneapolis skyline with a custom-designed light show that runs from dusk to dawn during a limited time.

“The Summer Artist Series was conceived to follow the initial intent of Target Lights: to be a gift to the city of Minneapolis,” says Aaron Melander, principal art director/designer at Target’s inHouse creative studio. “We hope to surprise downtown residents and visitors with some really unique light shows.”

The inHouse team chose all five artists because of their groundbreaking work in moving images. Their assignment: address a specific summer theme in a way that showcases the largest LED display in the Midwest. “The most fun part of the process has been seeing how each artist interprets the assignment from their own point of view,” says Aaron. “Opening the submissions was like Christmas!”

If you missed one of the earlier shows, not to worry — they’ll all play during the month of October.

May: Robert Seidel

German-born artist Robert Seidel brought the vitality of spring to his piece, entitled “Vitreous.” This “motion painting,” as he calls it, “expresses the idea of a spring thaw – literally transitioning from a cool to a warm palette.”

“Seidel actually created nine virtual sculptures that pass through Target Lights,” explains Aaron, “and the result is a shimmering, vibrantly colored cross-section of those sculptures for the light show. It’s an impressive effect, and a really creative way to approach Target Lights — something we haven’t seen before.”

June: Dev Harlan

Celebrating the bright colors of summer, New York-based multidisciplinary artist Dev Harlan used the pyramid (a shape that appears in many of his recent works) as his inspiration for Target Lights. “I want the visuals to interact with the corners of the building and with the forms they are projected on,” he says.

July: Candas Sisman

A fitting theme for the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Turkish-based artist Candas Sisman’s “Lakes” will turn the top of the tower into a lake in the sky. Sisman says she’s exploring the shapes, forms and movements of water.

August: Zeitguised

August weather in Minnesota is anything but predictable. That’s the main theme of “Playful and Fun,” the installation by Zeitguised, an art studio established by American sculptor Jamie Raap and German architect Henrik Mauler. Weather provides the starting point, but viewers are rewarded with a surprise as they watch the piece unfold.

September: Field

Field, based in London, created “Heat” — a steamy piece that follows leopards running wild with that trail flame-kissed lines and hot-colored shapes that will wrap the top of the tower.

October: All five shows

All five light shows will play in a series.

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