Target to ‘Shopkick’ guest experience up a notch

July 17, 2012 - Article reads in
guest experience

In the fall of 2010, Target launched a pilot in 242 stores in seven major cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York City and Minneapolis) allowing guests to experience the smartphone app called “Shopkick” at Target. Eighteen months later, we’ve now made Shopkick available at all our 1,764 stores – making us the largest retailer to offer the app.

“We’ve learned from our guests [during the pilot] that they appreciate being rewarded for doing what they already love to do -- shopping at Target,” says Target’s Vice President of Marketing and Guest Engagement, Bonnie Gross.

The popular, loyalty-driving app allows users to earn points (known as “kicks”) that can be redeemed for things like Target GiftCards, Facebook credits or iTunes song downloads, or even donations to charity. In the case of Target guests who use the app, they can rack up kicks by simply walking into their local Target (the app confirms your location using a high-pitched signal emitted by a device in the store).As they shop the store, they can scan products ranging from everyday items, like food and cleaning supplies, to specialty products, like electronics and toys, for additional kicks.

Check out to learn more. You can start earning rewards by downloading the free Shopkick app for your iPhone or Android today.

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