10 Years (and Counting): Shaun White and Target Celebrate Their Anniversary

July 23, 2012 - Article reads in
Shaun White for Target

Shaun White has been shredding slopes and skate ramps for most of his life. And for the past ten years, the Olympic snowboarder and X Games skateboarder has partnered with Target—both on and off the slopes.

Since 2002, when Shaun was just 15 years old, Target has sponsored the San-Diego native. And in 2008, Shaun switched gears from pro athlete to pro designer. Teaming up with his big brother (and creative director) Jesse White, Shaun launched Shaun White for Target—an exclusive collection of clothing for boys that was soon followed by a line of skate-inspired shoes, accessories and an assortment of quirky home goods.

We call it a decade of domination.

To celebrate the long-lasting relationship, Target took over the billboards at L.A. Live (featuring Shaun and an extra-special birthday cake) in Los Angeles, Calif. Debuting during last month’s X Games, you’ll be able to spot his larger-than-life billboards for a few months.

We couldn’t pass up on all the anniversary action, so we sat down with Shaun to chat about the last ten years and what’s to come.


You’ve been with Target for more than ten years. How has your partnership been?
Shaun White: It’s been a great ride. I went from shopping with my mom at Target and busting my butt playing video games to having my own line—it’s turned into an amazing partnership.

You were just 15 when you signed with Target. Did you imagine the longevity of the partnership?
SW: Time definitely flies when you’re doing great things, but I enjoy the long lasting relationships versus the one-off deals. Target definitely feels like a family more than a partner.

The billboards at L.A. Live

Then and now: How have you evolved as an athlete in the past decade?
SW: Well, I was basically a little kid when I started. Now, I feel confident enough to say I’m one of the strongest men in the world (ha, ha).

Any advice for up-and-coming athletes?
SW: Just have fun. It’s not always about doing the craziest tricks. I have the most fun when I’m just riding around Northstar with my friends.

Who has been a big influence or mentor during the past decade?
SW: My older brother Jesse—he’s helped me with all sorts of things. He’s a huge part of my company and he’s an awesome guy.

The Brothers White

What is your favorite skating or snowboarding memory? 
SW: Winning the Olympics in 2006. I was 19—it was a pretty huge moment for my family and me.

What are some of your favorite memories off the hill?
SW: Having Target put up a vert ramp at the [Magdalena Ecke Family] YMCA to support my local skate park in Encinitas, Calif. was unreal. And, of course, the first time I was on the tall wall ad for Target—I was literally larger than life on a building, and I thought that it was so amazing.  And, having the opportunity to make my own line and seeing kids wear my shirts on the street was a very humbling experience. To succeed off the hill is something I’ve always wanted. (Editor’s note: Our favorite Target and Shaun moment? Easy. It’s this.)

Your line has been at Target since 2008. What’s next for the Shaun White Collection?
SW: I’m excited to say that we’re going to start making clothing for toddlers. These babies are going to be ready to rock!

We loved your cameo in “Friends with Benefits.” Will you be starring on the screen again anytime soon?
SW: I’d love to do some more movies because I had a really good time, but I’m definitely waiting for right role to come along.

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