Have a Curly Hair Conundrum? The Gals of MIXED CHICKS Can Solve It

June 6, 2012 - Article reads in
Mixed Chicks

When it comes to bad hair days, Kim Etheredge and Wendi Levy, the curly-haired duo behind MIXED CHICKS, are experts. Mixing and matching products to find the perfect look, both Kim and Wendi struggled to tame their tousled hair.

The two friends joined forces to create a hair care line that embraced their curls once and for all. Lightweight and non-sticky, the products are made for all women (and all curls). Lucky for you, MIXED CHICKS recently launched at Target stores nationwide.

“I think from two moms, to other moms, Target is the best place to be,” the duo says about their new spot on Target shelves. “We’re really happy and honored to be here.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled either. But we’ll stop there, and the let Kim and Wendi speak for themselves.


What inspired you to create your line?
Kim Etheredge : When we grew up in the 70s, there weren’t any products for combination hair that allowed people to tame their curls. Being multicultural, we were a left out audience. There were products for straight hair, which left our hair crunchy and hard.

Wendi Levy: We wanted to embrace our curls. We didn’t want to straighten our hair or conform to the standard ideals of beauty. So we figured out a formula that could do just that.

We heard that you started your business out of a garage. True?
KE: We started the business out of Wendi’s home. We stored everything we had in her garage and shipped out from her house. The mailman wasn’t too happy with us.

What are your favorite products to treat your curls?
WL: Our leave-in conditioner—it makes traveling so much easier. Before, I would literally have to travel with eight different products just to get the right look.

Congrats on your new home at Target! Why is Target the right place for you?
KE: I love Target. It’s a company and store that thinks about everybody and celebrates diversity—and that’s completely what MIXED CHICKS is about. Plus, it’s a one-stop shop. We want people running in to get a sweater for their daughter and shoes for their little boys, and then grabbing their hair product too—it just makes sense to us.

What sets MIXED CHICKS apart from other curly hair products?
WL: Two curly haired girls actually created this line; we tested out products on our kids and ourselves. We are the product and that’s what validates it. I also think what sets us apart is that our products work on a range of hair. Whether you’re Israeli or African American and everything in between, our products work for an array of women.

You also have a kid’s line now.
KE: We found that a lot of moms are experimenting with kids’ hair at an earlier age, so we wanted to create a line that moms felt comfortable with. We wanted to make it as natural as possible with a milder formula that is ingredient specific. So we thought, let’s take the color and fragrance out so it is as delicate as possible for mom and her kids.

Hair can be such a big part of a woman’s personality.
WL: We think that beauty should come from within first. But if your hair doesn’t look good, you don’t feel good. Hair is a big part of self-esteem. Sometimes when people look good on the outside, their inside becomes more beautiful. Hair really does provide strength to people.

If you could style any curly haired celebrity, who would it be?
KE: Our favorite is Halle Berry of course—she’s the coolest MIXED CHICK there is. But she already uses our products. If we could turn back the hands of time, it would be Rosanne Rosannadanna.

Where do you see MIXED CHICKS in the next 5 years?
WL: We just hope to continue to grow in so many different areas. We hope to have a long road ahead of us!

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