Shiner Brewery

It’s Not All Bigger in Texas: Shiner Beer and the K. Spoetzl Brewery

There’s nothing quite like the charm of a small town—local fare and quirky residents…what more could you want?

In the case of Shiner—a small Texas town boasting some 2,000 residents and 2.4 square miles—it’s all about the beer.

Off the beaten path between Houston and San Antonio, this small town is a mecca of sorts for Texans, although most people couldn’t point it out on a map. Those lucky enough to stumble upon Shiner discover a 103-year legacy of libations dating back to the early 1900s.

Known as the “cleanest little city in Texas,” Shiner is home to the historic K. Spoetzl Brewery and Shiner Beer.

In 1909, recently immigrated Germans and Czechs settled in the tiny Texas town, bringing their traditions and tastes with them. Craving the classic Bavarian brewers of their homeland, a thirsty group formed the Shiner Brewing Association and a build a makeshift brewery to handcraft their own beer.

Members of the original Shiner Brewing Association

A few years later, Kosmos Spoetzl became the first brewmaster of the little brewery, using his Old World recipes (with a Texas twist) to craft the first beer for sale. Shiner Beer was officially born. With the American dream of perseverance firmly in mind, Spoetzl Brewery made birch beer on the sly during the late 1920s and early 30s, becoming one of only five Texas breweries to survive Prohibition.

Almost a century later, Spoetzl is now the oldest independent brewery in Texas, and one of the largest craft breweries in the country. Every drop of Shiner Beer is still brewed in Shiner—right where it all started.

When we first spotted Shiner Beer on the shelves of a Texas Target store, we had to see what all the locals were raving about. Our favorite of the seven full-flavored beers? The Shiner Bock, with its deep amber color, rich flavor and full-bodied taste.

Although its heritage hails from overseas, Shiner represents the best of a true American beer. It’s red, white and brewed.

The Brewery today

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