Norah Jones

Norah Jones Teams Up with Danger Mouse and Target For ‘Little Broken Hearts’

Norah Jones has come a long way since her explosive debut album, “Come Away with Me.” Despite the five GRAMMY®Awards she earned on that first studio album (and the many she’s earned since), the songstress has remained humble, pumping out beautiful music to critical acclaim.

For her fifth album—“Little Broken Hearts”—Norah takes an edgier, stylistic turn and expands her reach further than ever. Her producer pal Danger Mouse (a.k.a Brian Burton) helped infuse heart-wrenching melodies with a more uninhibited sound for the album—a collaboration stemming from their work together on his 2011 album, “Rome.”

Danger Mouse isn’t the only one Norah teamed up with for her latest release—the singer has a deluxe version of “Little Broken Hearts” at Target. Available in stores and now, the exclusive edition features three bonus tracks: “I Don’t Wanna Hear Another sound,” “Killing Time” and “Out on the Road (Mondo Version).”

Below, we chat with the award-winning artist about her new album.


Tell us about the inspiration behind your new album, “Little Broken Hearts.”
Norah Jones: This album was born out of wanting to collaborate with Brian again. We wrote all the songs in the studio together, and got to know each other so well—there wasn’t a lot of holding back! It was fun to take specific feelings that all humans experience and create a story with them. Some came from a very personal place and some became very fictionalized.

What makes this album different from past albums you’ve recorded?
NJ: I think each album is different, but this one is probably the most different because of the way it was written.  For every other album, I came into the studio with finished songs and we just recorded them. This time I went in with nothing and was really excited about what Brian and I could come up with together.

You played the entire album at SXSW. Why preview every song?
NJ: Why not? It seemed like a good way to present the new album, especially at that festival which is a lot about new bands and new things. It was super fun!  We got to see Jack White play, which was amazing.

Tell us about the bonus songs on the Target deluxe edition. Is it exciting to share exclusive songs with your fans?
NJ: It’s always hard to cut songs, so it’s nice to have an outlet where they can still be heard.

When did you first fall in love with music and know you wanted to be a singer?
NJ: Probably around four when I joined my church choir. I don’t think I knew I wanted to be a singer yet, but I definitely knew I loved to sing.

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