What's Old Is New Again

What’s Old Is New Again

On Target commercial sets, recycling means more than putting plastics in blue bins—it also means increasing the lifecycle of leftover props, set materials and supplies through repurposing and donations. From furniture and clothes to scenic materials and fake sand castles, Target works with EcoSet to donate what is seen on-camera and find new uses for what is used off-camera, says EcoSet’s Kris Barberg, account director at the environmental consulting firm.

Last week in Los Angeles, local non-profits were invited to EcoSet’s new storage warehouse that houses goods leftover from Target shoots. The Boys and Girls Club of Burbankthe Good Shepherd Center and Hollygrove were a few of the organizations that found new homes for treasures at the Giving Back Event.

“More than 60 percent of families we serve are low income,” says Jeudy Mom, resource development manager at the Boys and Girls Club of Burbank.  “Target and EcoSet’s donations allow us to use our funds directly to youth who need it most.”

Félice Meyers, director of corporate and foundation relations at Hollygrove, picked up essentials like clothing, bedding and school supplies for at-risk Los Angeles children and families. “Many of our children are struggling to survive, so being invited to choose items for our families’ specific needs was like a dream come true.”

Annemarie Howse, development coordinator at the Good Shepard Center, had her eye on kitchen basics. “Last week I spoke to the cook at the emergency shelter and asked if she had any specific needs. She said that on the weekends she likes to make pancakes for the women, but only has one skillet to do so.  One skillet for 30 women? I was astonished,” says Annemarie. “She screamed with delight when I told her I got two additional skillets from the Giving Back Event.”

Take a look through the gallery below of photos from the event

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