Cos Bar at Target

Lily Garfield began her foray into cosmetics where many makeup mavens start—behind the beauty counter.  But she didn’t stay there for long. The New Yorker-turned-ski bum quickly became Aspen’s cosmetics queen and opened up Cos Bar on Main Street in 1976, one of the first independent beauty boutiques in the country.

Since then, the European perfumery-style palace has grown to twelve locations across eight states, offering a renowned anthology of luxury products for both men and women. Now, Lily and her son Oliver are bringing Cos Bar—and their cosmetic expertise—to Target stores nationwide as part of The Shops at Target.


Cos Bar at Target includes beauty basics like bath accessories, tools, manicure essentials, body care and bright leopard printed bags—all for less than $20 each. That’s what we call beauty on a budget!

You can shop the collection at Target stores and on on May 6, but to tide you over until then, Lily reveals beauty basics every girl should know. So if you’re vying to keep your face wrinkle-free and a bright glow year-round, read on…


No-Fail Beauty Tips by Lily Garfield

Fresh skin is always in: Make sure to cleanse properly with a mild exfoliator on a daily basis. I recommend using the Clarisonic Electric Facial Brush once a day, followed by a good moisturizer.

Take it off: These face wipes are a portable cleanser and toner in one. They’re perfect for travel or to throw in your gym bag to use after a workout. Take them to the beach during the summer to wipe sunscreen and sand off the face after a long day under the sun.

It’s never too early: Starting at a young age, use a good anti-aging cream to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Then apply a good under eye concealer—I never leave home without a good concealer!

Everyday essentials: A quality set of makeup brushes is crucial—brushes are essential for makeup application and blend makeup better than the fingertips or a sponge. Lastly, every woman needs a good set of tweezers and a magnified mirror like the one in our Cos Bar at Target collection.

A real eye-opener: When we’re engaging and communicating with people, they first notice our eyes then our lips. Use a black eyeliner pencil on the inside of eyes to make them pop. I also recommend using some kind of lip product for subtle color and shine, keeping it simple.

Don’t be a soap star: Try to use bath and shower gels over soaps, because soaps can leave a film or residue on skin. Follow with a body lotion or cream, depending on what kind of climate you live in.

Make your mark: Did you know that scent is the sense most linked to memory? It’s important to have a signature fragrance because it is a way for people to remember you. You’re never completely dressed without a spritz of your signature fragrance.

Brush it off: Well, more like scrub it off. For three minutes every day, before getting into the shower, use the foot exfoliator—a great tip for both women and men! Then massage this body scrub on dry skin (also before entering the shower) for about one minute. It’s much easier to exfoliate dead skin cells when they’re dry as opposed to wet. Follow with the body wash and lotion or body butter.


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