The Master Cutter of Beverly Hills: Hair Styling Tips from Umberto Savone

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Umberto Savone - Master Hair Stylist of Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills – the land of beauty and bombshells –  Umberto Savone has been a top force in the scissor-sharp competition of 90210 hair salons. Umberto’s celebrity clientele and loyal fans flock to his world-renowned UMBERTO Beverly Hills salons for his hair care expertise and innovative styling. Known as a master cutter, Umberto has maintained manes for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Patricia Arquette and Courtney Love, to name a few.

In 2004, Umberto brought his vast knowledge of the chemistry behind hair products and processes to Target with his exclusive professional hair care collection. The Umberto Beverly Hills collection consists of expert hair care products and brushes that make salon-style hair accessible to all – whether you’re an award-winning actress or a busy mom (or both!).

Below, Umberto shares his hair care tips and salon secrets.

How did you get started in the salon business?
Umberto Savone: When I first came to the United States from Italy, my high school guidance counselor suggested I attend trade school instead of a traditional university since my English was limited. I soon began training in a barbershop sweeping hair. Soon after, I went to beauty school and began cutting hair in New York City. After a while I moved to Syracuse to open a large salon near Syracuse University. The salon had a clothing boutique and also sold makeup, beauty tools and products. For that time it was really a new concept.

What makes your hair care line for Target unique?
US: I believe that my products could withstand a blind study against any other salon brand product. My staff of 125 expert stylists and I are in the salon each day using these product on our clients.  And because we manufacture the products ourselves, the quality of the ingredients is always maintained.  We do not substitute!

So what are some of your favorite Umberto Beverly Hills products at Target? US:  My two favorites are the Umberto Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment because it really works, repairing from the inside out. And my second favorite is the Umberto Roman Oil Serum. It’s fabulous because it can be used on all hair types, and it controls and adds shine without weighing the hair down.

What are 3 hair products every woman should have in her purse in case of a bad hair day? 
US: Umberto Regular Hold Hairspray, a teasing brush and a thin decorative hair strap (with shimmer for evening and leather for day). Pop the hair up, tease and spray for instant style!

With warmer months on the horizon, what’s your secret to frizz control?
US: The secret is to not fight the moisture, humidity or your hair texture. Instead, work with it. Don’t rinse out all the conditioner in your hair, which will coat the hair and help fight frizz. Finish with a little Shimmer Shine Spray for another layer of protection and shine, especially if you have textured hair that doesn’t shine naturally.

What’s a no-fuss secret for girls to make it look like they just hit up the salon?
US: Dry Clean Dry Shampoo will give the hair extra body and revive the bounce. Then add an accessory like a hair strap or clip and you’re ready to go.

Are there any hair trends that you adore or abhor?
US: I think long heavy bangs, short crown and layers around the face – this definitely works on medium length or shorter hairstyles. The worst trend that I’ve seen too much of as of late? The return of the mullet.

Did you watch the Grammys?  Who rocked the best hairstyle?
US: For the men, Bruno Mars – he definitely rocked some major hair – what a coif! And for the ladies, Taylor Swift. She was a modern day Audrey Hepburn!

Is there one hairstyle, for men or women that you think is timeless?
US: Audrey Hepburn – her hair continues to be timeless in all of her movies.

How has your own hairstyle changed over the years?
US: My wife would tell you that I’m always changing my hairstyle! I think it’s important to keep up with the fashion trends and to lead clients by example. Change is good. Don’t stay with what is safe. Actually, at the moment I’m growing my hair out… à la James Dean circa 1955!

If you could style any person’s hair – past or present – whose would it be?
US: Hillary Clinton. She’s a confident, powerful woman so she needs a personal style to reflect that.

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