City Art: Spotlighting Local Emerging Artists in LA and Minneapolis

February 17, 2012 - Article reads in
Local Emerging Artists in LA and Minneapolis

Defining beauty and creativity are forever debatable. But there’s little disagreement that adding art to cityscapes and supporting local artists is a good thing.

As part of Design United, groups of local artists were chosen by Target to create public art installations in Minneapolis and LA. Creativity bursts from the different displays, making art visible – and accessible – to every passerby.

In Minneapolis, talented students and graduates of the prestigious Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) filled the windows lining Target headquarters to create a street-level gallery. In LA, artists decorated the LA Live space in the heart of the city. Ranging from screen-printing to painting to digital illustration, the emerging artists used their distinctive styles to interpret Target’s logo, the Bullseye.

“It’s crazy to see a drawing I made that was the size of a piece of paper now fill a window twice as big as me,” said Dan Black, an MCAD grad and one of the selected artists. “I wanted my piece to be a simple enough idea that people driving by didn’t have to figure anything out. You see the Bullseye and you know exactly what’s going on.”

Others, like MCAD senior Taisha Bosher, took a global approach. “I’m fascinated with old East Indian paintings. I researched different cultures and their symbols, textile patterns, animals and geography.”

And in LA – the city of entertainment – artists weaved the Bullseye into popular West Coast sports like surfing, skateboarding and swimming. Photography by Elizabeth Weinberg is joined by Mike Perry’s bright illustrations to add that “extra energy,” says LA artist Weinberg. “It was a very collaborative effort between Mike, Target and me. It’s important for people to be exposed to art. Art shouldn’t be this exclusive entity.”

“Target created the Design United initiative to make public art more accessible,” said Shawn Gensch, senior vice president, marketing, Target. “The artists’ diverse interpretation of the Bullseye is inspiring and we’re thrilled to celebrate local talent.”

Most of all, Design United is just plain fun.

“This was such a great opportunity as an up-and-coming designer and illustrator,” said MCAD senior Anton Pearson. “I’m glad Target sees the potential in the arts community. It’s exciting… and almost a little shocking to see my work so large on a building!”

Design United is just one way Target supports art in local communities. Did you know residents in more than 30 cities across the country have access to free or reduced-price admission to museums and galleries? Check to see what’s available in your city.

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