Bullseye Bodega

We’ve had our fair share of eggnog (with a few extra lbs. to prove it!) and rang in 2012 in style. Although we hate to admit it, the holidays are coming to an end.

We’re not the only ones sweeping up tinsel and pine needles. Target stores nationwide are transitioning into Bullseye Bodega – a unique store within a store to help you prep for the year ahead.

Already a go-to destination for everything from fresh produce to double-a batteries, now Target makes it even easier to get everything in one place. Filled with things you want (coffee and décor) and need (items in bulk sizes like paper towels and diapers) at brag-worthy prices, Bullseye Bodega is your convenient one-stop shop.

We sat down with Bobby LaBossiere, executive team leader in Minnetonka, Minn. to find out all about the Bullseye Bodega.


How long does it take a Target store to transition for the new year?
Bobby LaBossiere: Depending on how much merch is left, it can take up to a couple of weeks to transition the store. Our number one focus is to keep the new areas of the store as fresh and full as possible – that way you don’t have to shop in disarray!

What is Bullseye Bodega?
BL: Bodegas are basically convenience stores, which is what Bullseye Bodega is all about.  After the holidays, you can browse the curated – and vast – selection of Target goods in a “boutique” within the store. Best of all? Bullseye Bodega offers tons of deals and coupons, so you won’t suffer from post-holiday spending sticker shock.

How do team members help prep Target for 2012?
BL: A lot of planning takes place to set our stores up for a successful new year. First things first: we focus on cleaning up stores from top to bottom. We focus on all of the little details to make sure guests can continue shopping for great values into the new year.

How did Target guests prep for 2012?
BL: Our savvy shoppers make it a tradition to wait in line until our doors open at 7am the day after Christmas to grab all of the great clearance values, just as they did a month prior for Black Friday. It may be cold, but it’s worth it!

Take a look at a Bullseye Bodega, below.

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