Cut the clutter!

Cut the Clutter: Getting Organized in The New Year

New Year’s resolutions are on the top of our to-do list.

First up this year: get organized. Actually scratch that – that is the first item on our list every year. The fact that we even have a list is a good start though, right?

If you’re someone who vows to de-clutter, it’s time to face that towering stack of papers, old receipts and pile of clothes. We may not be experts, but our shoe closet is the envy of all our friends. Try our 5 tips to a chaos-free 2012.


1. Only touch a piece of mail once: Sounds simple enough, but if you only touch a piece of mail once – either to file it away or throw it away – you won’t have extra papers piling up. Use a file folder to keep track of mail you do need: bills, work documents, letters and cards, coupons, etc. Then toss unwanted mail in the recycling bin.

2. Make a plan to plan:  Your smartphone calendar is great, but it helps to write appointments and reminders down with a pen or pencil. Use an agenda or planner as a physical reminder of your busy schedule.

3. Pick a closet theme: No matter your personal preference, organize your closet by “theme.” Hang clothes, shoes and accessories by specific categories like designer, color, style or purpose.

Who owns this pristine closet? Click the image to find out!

4. Labels are your new BFF: Sugar? Makeup? Spices? Magazines? No matter what you’re stashing away in a tidy space, give it a home and a label.

5. Don’t leave it all for the weekend: Don’t leave your mess for a big weekend clean. Instead, pick up as you go. If you maintain order throughout your workweek, you’ll have more free time on the weekend. A clean space is a clean mind!


Need more organization in your life? From baskets and bins to planners and filers, our picks are a surefire way to get – and stay – organized in 2012. 

1. 6 4-Pk. Post-It Durable Tabs 2. 13-Pocket Expanding Coupon File 3. 24-Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack 4. Greenroom Recycled File Box with Hanging Files 5. Space Saving Bamboo Organizer 6. Wall Calendar Blue Sky 7. Teal Letter Basket 8. RiverRidge Kids 6 Bins Storage Unit 9. 4 Shelf Desktop Organizer 10. 80 Sheet Journal 11. Flared Double Garment Rack 12. Double-Wide Storage Cart with 12 Drawers 13. Multi-color Storage Organizer 14. Fir Bamboo Waste Basket 15. Blue Sky 2012 Planner  16. Organizer with 266 Clips

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