5 Pro Athletes Prep for 2012

Action Sports, Active Resolutions: 5 Pro Athletes Prep for 2012

For many pro athletes, time is measured by intense schedules, training regimens, nutrition plans, games, races, tournaments and trophies.  Life only exists in two spheres: off-season and the season.

To help remind some of our sports friends to flip their calendars to 2012, we asked about their hopes and goals for the year ahead.

If your resolution regimen involves relaxing in Hawaii, you might spot surfing champ Carissa Moore doing the exact same thing on her back porch. And if you’re headed to the X-Games later this month, you’ll find Torin Yater-Wallace vying for a spot on the podium. Here’s a look at what five sports stars are up to this year.


Ryan Dungey
Motocross racer

New Year’s resolution? Give 100 percent every single moment and know that everything – the highs and lows – will make us better. Never give up and fight to the end.

How do you stay in shape during the off-season? I’ve been working on a new training program this off-season in preparation for the ’12 Supercross season, where I’ll be riding a new bike with the Red Bull KTM team.  I also re-shaped my diet after finding out that I’m allergic to dairy and eggs. I cut out caffeine and my daily trips to the coffee shop too.  It’s been a really productive off-season – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Excited about your upcoming season? It’s exciting because I’ve made some big changes and switched to the Red Bull KTM team. From that moment on, we’ve been focused on training and testing the bike and things have been going really well.  This is the fittest I’ve ever felt.  It’s exciting.  There will be a lot of competition with a strong field of racers coming back, but I feel that I owe it to everyone who supports me to win the championship.  It’s a long series, but my plan is to be strong and come out on top.

How do you keep your mind fit? Training can be strenuous on the body, and it wears you out.  So, you have to have balance – whether that is going out and doing something fun with friends or family or eating something that is outside your plan every once in a while.  You have to have balance.

Typical pre-race meal? Baked potato, chicken breast and veggies.


Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez
Street skateboarder

We hear your birthday was New Year’s Eve – happy belated! What is your New Year’s resolution? To be the best skateboarder I can possibly be – same as every year.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t only about fitness. How do you keep your mind in shape? Reading is always helpful, and I also like to keep faith in a higher power, which keeps me balanced, and not stress about things that aren’t a big deal.

Favorite moment from 2011? My daughter Heaven’s third birthday.

What do you want to accomplish in 2012? I would love to help street skateboarding get as much recognition as competition skateboarding.


Carissa Moore
Surfer and 2011 ASP Women’s World Tour Champion

New Year’s resolution? I hope to keep pushing my surfing and performance during this coming year. I would also love to give another World Title a shot. And being present in the moment is definitely something I want to focus on – traveling, filming and just doing my best to love where I am and who I’m with

You were the 2011 women’s world champion – not a bad year! How do you plan on making 2012 even better? Keep smiling and loving life. Try to just live in the moment and soak in every minute.

Favorite moment from 2011? Definitely winning the world title, and being able to share that moment with my dad and some of my closest friends.

Are you excited about your upcoming season? Very excited about the upcoming season. I’m looking forward to traveling again, surfing some fun waves and making new memories. I can’t wait to compete and put on a jersey again.

How do you stay in shape during the off-season? I work with a trainer twice a week, and mix it up between running, biking and yoga. A lot of surfing and I try to eat right.

Any fitness tips? Everything in moderation: exercise, food and sleep. Eat for function not taste, but do indulge once in a while.

How do you unwind? Cruising on my porch. My house [in Hawaii] is in the back of a valley. Sitting on my porch, listening to the trees and stream is the perfect way to wind down. It’s also the perfect place to visualize and think.


Kevin Robinson
BMX rider

New Year’s resolution? To be as great of a dad and husband as I can. To ride as hard as I can and continue to push my personal progression. To help as many kids as I can through the Target Program at Woodward and my non-profit foundation, The K-Rob Foundation. To continue to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and enjoy the heck out of just living! It’s a lot but I like to set my goals high to keep me working my tail off.

Excited about the upcoming season? I’m so pumped! I have so many ideas to make a reality on my bike. I honestly feel that I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for quite some time.

What trick do you want to master this year? I want to do a %&$#@*&^%%$&^$#@# and land it perfectly! [Laughs] I believe in speaking through my bike riding.

Any fitness tips to share? Eat sensibly – try to stay away from processed food or anything with a shelf life. Set small, short goals for yourself. You have to get real and honest about the shape you’re in, and then change it!

How do you find balance? You’re a product of your environment. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things. I live by a simple saying: If you do good things…good things will happen. It’s that simple.

Favorite moment from 2011? All of it! Great moments and the not so great moments – it’s all a part of learning and growing. Life is a journey. There is no finish line. So make it the most amazing, fabulous ride you can take.

How are you and your family celebrating 2012? Just teaching our three kids to live life for all it’s worth and believe that anything is possible! Heck, I’m 40 and I ride a little kid’s bike for a living!


Torin Yater-Wallace
Freestyle skier

New Year’s resolution? Keep up in school and do well in skiing.

Do you have a favorite moment from 2011? Winning second in the Winter X-Games XV was by far my favorite moment of 2011.

What are you looking forward to most in 2012? I’m just excited to go out and ski every day! This season, I would love to podium at one of the Dew Tour stops. One of my biggest goals is winning a gold medal in the X-Games. I would be amazed and so happy if that were to happen this year.

What is your typical morning meal before an event? I eat three scrambled eggs for my protein, a bagel with cream cheese for my carbs and drink orange juice or water. If I’m really tired and need to get my day going, I’ll have a cup of coffee. To finish off breakfast, I’ll either eat some fruit or make a fruit smoothie.

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