Holiday Gift Wrapping Gets a Tech Upgrade, Elves Are Jealous

December 21, 2011 - Article reads in
Target Gift-Wrapping Machine 101

Was this Christmas Champ’s idea? Gift-wrapping machines have made wrapping – and delivering – gifts faster than ever. Fulfillment centers use the high-tech machines to fulfill thousands of online orders before the holidays. Can you believe it? And where can we get one?

The machines may do most of the hard work (and save fingers from paper cuts!), but Target team members put the final touches on gifts before sending them on their merry way.

Below, the fulfillment center in Tucson, Ariz. shows us the fast-paced world of wrapping in 5 easy steps.


Step 1: A team member gift-wrapper receives a guest order to be wrapped using the gift-wrapping machine.

Step 2: The gift-wrapper aligns the gift to the corner of the machine to collect the box measurements for the exact sheet size needed to wrap the gift.

Step 3: Machine spits out a piece of shining silver wrapping paper, perfectly cut for the gift.

Step 4: A tape gun with double stick tape is then applied to the paper. All the gift-wrapper has to do is simply fold the corners and seal the paper.

Step 5: Almost done – the team member just adds a big red ribbon and card! Perfect harmony between man and machine.

Have you wrapped all your gifts yet?

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