Jesse White Talks Shaun White Home Collection

December 20, 2011 - Article reads in
Brothers Jesse and Shaun White

The brothers White go for the unusual and weird with their latest Target collaboration.

First came the clothing, then the shoes and now comes home. The Shaun White Home collection – an assortment for today’s tween ranging from funky bedding and storage bins to eight-eyed piggy banks – arrives at Target stores and Dec. 26. But before the product reaches the masses, here’s a little insight into the line and mind of the collection’s creative director and Shaun’s brother, Jesse White.

How would you describe the Shaun White Home collection?
Jesse White: Built to survive the unusual. I think the unusual moments in life are what make it worth living. We wanted to give kids options that are a little weird and fun. 

What was the inspiration for the Home line?
JW: The inspiration comes from our lives, and the artwork is from our sketchbooks and photographs. We wanted to bring excitement and fun in to a kid’s space – basically do what we’re doing with the clothing and do it within home.

Which pieces are very ‘Jesse’ and which pieces are very ‘Shaun’?
JW: I wanted colors and the weird. Shaun was vocal about prints and patterns. We’re both traveling and designing, but when we are in the same space, it’s interesting to see how closely our influences and designs work together.

Do you have a favorite product from the line?
JW: Yeah, the tie-dye stuff is so fun. I also love the weird looking, multi-eyed piggy bank.

Do you like remaining behind the scenes?
JW: Yeah. It allows us flexibility and I love what we are able to do. It’s not so much about the spotlight; it’s about having fun and pushing ourselves.

What are you up to when you’re not acting as the creative director?
JW: Scuba diving, werewolf hunting and impersonating Abe Lincoln.

Take a peak at the upcoming collection, below! 

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