4 Practical Solutions for Big New Year Resolutions

Forget the crash diets, grandiose proclamations and exhausting exercise routines – these life-changers are easy and fun.

Big Resolution: I resolve to eat healthier.
Practical Solution: For every packaged food bought, buy two fresh food products.

Say goodbye to packaged foods and microwaveable meals. Well, at least say hello less. For every boxed or packaged food item, add double the amount of fresh foods to your cart. Why? Not only will it pull you out of a food rut, it’s also heart-healthy. Increasing your consumption of fresh fruits, meats, vegetables and whole grains is good for you and (bonus!) your waistline.

Big Resolution: I resolve to live more sustainably.
Practical Solution: Use reusable totes.

One plastic bag may take up to 1,000 years to degrade. How many do you rack up from just one trip to the grocery store? Instead of paper or plastic, stash a few reusable totes in your car or near the door so you won’t forget. You’ll feel like a do-gooder and you might even save money in the process: some stores (like Target!) give discounts for each reusable bag used at checkout.

Big Resolution: I resolve to take better care of my health.
Practical Solution: Visit your Target pharmacist.

Many of us only see a doctor once a year for a quickie checkup – we all know scheduling appointments can be a pain. In between doctor visits, stop by Target Pharmacy with any health questions or concerns for high-quality care that’s convenient, free and accessible. Do a little shopping while you wait!

Big Resolution: I resolve to read more and be online less.
Practical Solution: Sign up for a library card.

Library cards are free – so this one is a no brainer. You’ll have access to a huge selection of books, films and magazines. Many libraries allow you to search and reserve books online ahead of time, so you can quickly get a hold of the latest hot read.

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