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In 1849, herbalist John Boot opened his first Boots store in Nottingham, England. In 2008, the leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer landed stateside on Target shelves. Leave it to the country of accents and elegance to provide a line of quality beauty products that won’t break the bank.

Boots No7 – the U.K.’s #1 selling cosmetics brand for more than 75 years – is a range of hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested makeup and skin care products. The award-winning brand has a devoted following (O, The Oprah Magazine is a fan!) and we count ourselves among the many Boots believers.

We caught up with Britain’s beauty expert brand for tips on smooth skin and the season’s sexiest makeup looks.


Why is it important to have a healthy beauty routine?
Beauty and aging is something that interests everyone; each day men and women strive to maintain a youthful appearance – and it begins with your skin. Environmental issues like sun exposure, diet, pollution, smoking, drinking and stress act together to adversely affect the normal aging process. While natural aging cannot be stopped, you can fight the battle with an anti-aging skincare regimen. As you grow older, the skin doesn’t produce new cells at the same pace, and environmental and biological factors take their toll. With a healthy beauty routine, you help fight the aging process and feel better about your appearance, boosting your confidence.

What beauty trends are you most excited about for this season?
Women are looking for deeper, richer color for their lips. Poppy King for Boots No7 “Magic of Lipstick” allows for an extra pop of color in a classic product: lipstick. Women are embracing the idea of feminine lipstick and Poppy was integral in developing this collection.

How can you incorporate color into your beauty look without going overboard?
Cream blush or liquid liner is ideal for adding a splash of color to your look. Boots No7 Cheek Tint can be used not only on cheeks, but also as a soft lip stain without being overbearing. Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eye Liner in Sapphire is a quick and easy way to incorporate a pop of color on the eyes without using an all over eye color, which can often be intimidating.

What are some beauty trends you see on the streets today that you really like/don’t like?

The focus on full, bold natural brows: a groomed, filled-in brow helps frame your face and create a younger look.

Neon eye color is a challenging trend to try. Instead of going for all over color, incorporate a delicate neon crease for a subtle, easy-to-wear look.

Unique eyeliner looks using interesting shapes such as the dramatic kitten flick or squared off. Pencil or liquid liner works for this dramatic eye look.

What are seasonal beauty faux pas to avoid?
As women age, they should use more hydrating, lightweight products to help skin appear younger. Focus on hydration and don’t wear too much makeup. Be sure to update your beauty regimen as seasons change. When weather changes, our skin changes. See your local Beauty Advisor at select Target stores to get appropriate, seasonal products for your skin and keep up with current trends.

How does Boots differentiate itself from other beauty lines?
All of Boots’ unique products are developed in their own product development, testing and customer evaluation facilities. Boots partners with various internationally renowned universities and esteemed professors and scientists to utilize the latest technology and science breakthroughs. For example, Boots’ partnership with Kew Gardens (the world’s largest collection of living plants in Kew) in London helps to evolve and grow their product portfolio, continually offering new products that truly work.

What are 3 beauty tips every girl (newbie or not) should follow?

Less is more: Multipurpose products are ideal. You can wear makeup without having to use countless numbers of products. Boots No7 Soft and Sheer Tinted Moisturizer enhances your natural beauty with a sheer wash of barely-there color to give skin a radiant, natural glow and even tone.

Use a good concealer: A great concealer not only fights dark circles, but can also be used as a highlighting product around the cheekbones and nose to give dimension in addition to covering up a blemish.

Remember to use a primer: Turn tired skin into a face that radiates like the morning sun. Boots No7 Color Calming Primer creates a perfect canvas for make-up application.

What are some Boots products you think every girl should have handy in their purse?

No7 Radiant Glow Concealer: Conceal the evidence of your hectic life and look wide awake and radiant all day everyday with this miracle working concealer. It’s a must-have that works wonders under your eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

No7 Perfect Light Portable Loose Powder: This portable all-in-one light diffusing powder and brush is perfect to carry with you and re-apply through the day. The translucent shade will match any foundation for a flawless finish and also help seal your makeup.

No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick: The sheer wash of color is so easy to wear and the effect is really modern and pretty. Your lips will be gorgeously glossy and wonderfully hydrated but not at all sticky. The creamy formulation allows smooth application.

How can girls go from day to night (work to after-hour glamour) with Boots products?
A simple product makes a huge impact. Use an illuminating lotion such as No7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion. It’s something you can dab on cheeks and nose to give extra glow. Also, layer a liquid liner or cream liner on top of any eye shadow you already wear to create a sultry look.

What type of girl do you design your beauty line for?
Boots is designed to appeal to a wide array of women, from early teens to seventy plus! Boots has loyal customers who have worn No7 throughout their lives and others that are just discovering the brand and all it can offer for the first time.

How do you think your products align with Target?
Boots and Target share a common goal of creating an exceptional guest experience and providing high quality products at affordable prices.


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