Black Friday Has Begun at Target Stores Nationwide

November 25, 2011 - Article reads in
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target black friday

Black Friday is officially underway at Target stores all across the country, with West Coast stores unlocking their doors just minutes ago at midnight.

Shoppers are eager to get started: Amaya Gomez was the first in line at the Target store in Chandler, Ariz., after driving 260 miles and arriving almost 10 hours early to make sure he got a TV for his wife!

Flat screen HDTVs are the must-buy item, closely followed by bargain DVDs and toys. The electronics aisles are the most packed so far, but many people are grabbing up groceries during their late night runs as well.

Store managers report seeing handwritten signs, families in coordinating outfits and people passing the time watching movies on their iPads and portable DVD players.  Guests dressed as the Christmas Champ speckle the lines, getting ready to give the Target lady a run for her money!

Shopper Elyse Brantingham (@elletini) dresses up as the @ChristmasChamp

As doors open, we’re hearing the same report from all over – squeaking sneakers and big smiles as shoppers dash inside to check off their wish lists.  Stores are packed but organized, thanks to the metering process of staggering groups.

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