British Beauty Expert Maria Hatzistefanis Puts a Natural Spin on Looking Beautiful

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Nip + Fab

Many women – no matter their confidence level or body image – wouldn’t mind reducing a wrinkle here, a fine line there, brightening under-eye circles from long nights at the office or smoothing a little cellulite. But heading to your doctor or surgeon’s office to fix small beauty blunders is a big commitment.

U.K. beauty expert Maria Hatzistefanis sought to remedy this gap between extreme and manageable beauty solutions by helping women and men achieve quick results without the fuss. Already the creator of bestselling beauty brand Rodial, Maria launched Nip + Fab in 2010, an internationally renowned, clinically tested skin and body care collection crafted from the highest quality and technologically advanced ingredients. And up until yesterday, you could only find Maria’s cult-followed collection across the pond.

Now you don’t have to book a ticket to London for silky anti-aging serums or plumping potions – you can find 14 Nip + Fab skin solutions and body blends at Target stores and on!

Amidst pampering and parenting, we got a chance to talk to Maria about bringing her skincare science to America.


Are you excited to bring Nip + Fab to Target? Why partner with Target?
Maria Hatzistefanis: I am so excited for this partnership! We have been interested in launching Nip+Fab in the U.S. for a while, but it was important to find the ideal partner for us. Target has been an influential retailer in bringing high-end brands to the masses – we are thrilled to be in such great company.

You’re a busy, international beauty expert and mom. How do you manage it?!
MH: It’s all about finding the balance between work and home life, which is not always easy. I’m constantly travelling so it’s really important to be organized and have a strong support system both at home and at work.

What is your favorite Nip + Fab product?
MH: I love Sheer Make Up Fix because it is such a versatile product. It gives me a flawless look whether I just landed from a long-haul flight or had little sleep. I always have one in my handbag!

When did your interest in beauty begin?
MH: I have always been interested in beauty because it’s a huge part of every a woman’s life. My interest really grew from my first job as a beauty writer at Seventeen magazine. It was there that I realized there was a gap in the market for targeted skincare for specific skin concerns. I knew I wanted to create my own beauty brand to fill this gap.

What was the first beauty product you created?
MH: The first product was Rodial’s Tummy Tuck. In this case, the concept came before the product was created. I knew I wanted to create a product designed to tone and tighten the tummy. Tummy Tuck set the tone for the entire Rodial range – all created to target specific beauty problems.

How big of a role do you play in the scientific formulation of products?
MH: I am still fully involved in all aspects of the formulation of new products. I love coming up with marketing ideas and then sourcing the right ingredients to make the product work.

Rodial and Nip + Fab have a huge celebrity following. What makes your products so popular with the stars?
MH: Celebs love Rodial and Nip+Fab because they deliver amazing results! These days, celebrities are so exposed to a whole range of beauty products so they make great critics.

What is your daily beauty or skin care routine?
MH: In the morning I use Clean Fix Gel to gently cleanse, it feels really gentle and leaves my skin super soft. I’ll use Moisture Fix to hydrate skin and apply Sheer Make Up Fix for that fabulous, sheer base. Then, I’ll pop a Frown Fix in my handbag for a quick beauty fix on the go. At night, I use Clean Fix Wipes to remove all traces of daily dirt and grime and dab Dark Circle Fix onto on the browbone to reduce any tiredness and cool the skin. Then, just before bed, I apply a generous layer of Night Fix so I wake up with radiant skin!

What is your top beauty secret?
MH: An at-home beauty recipe for a moisturizing exfoliator made of honey and sugar – it’s a beauty secret passed down to me through the years.

What are the day-to-day steps women can take to have firmer, younger looking skin?
MH: There are no shortcuts to healthy skin. I am a big believer in investing in a good cleanser and using the right products for your skin type. Diet also plays a huge part – plenty of water, vegetables and oily fish will help give you that glowing complexion.

When you want to treat yourself, what is your first pick off the spa menu? 
MH: There’s nothing better than a full body massage to relieve tension and detox the body!


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