Mike and Heather Young

Ashlea Halpern, editor of New York Weddings, is (understandably) a wedding pro. She cultivates advice from the best in the wedding industry – from caterers and dressmakers to wedding planners and bands – so soon-to-be newlyweds can throw a quintessential New York wedding.

But weddings can be daunting, and registries are no exception. Toaster ovens are de rigueur when it comes to registries; everything else is negotiable. This makes registering exciting but overwhelming for a newly engaged couple: Do you really need a crepe pan? Is it wrong to ask for an economy-size box of Gummi bears? And what the heck is a Silpat?

To help, Ashlea asked six been-there, done-that cohabitants to tell us what they wished they asked for but didn’t. Learn from their mistakes and then bust out your scanner gun—we’ve got Target merch to meet your every need.


Couple No. 1: Mike and Heather Young
Married September 2010

Still on their wish list: “More nice sheets, and definitely darker ones. Despite being exceedingly tidy people, we have realized we are incapable of keeping white sheets bright white.”

The Target solution: Room Essentials Plaid Bed Set in Gray; Thomas O’Brien Grid Sheet Set and Target Home Alternative Down Throw in Washed Grape


Couple No. 2: Josh and Mara Bernstein
Married June 2011

Still on their wish list: “Comic books, a shake weight, and one of those giant tins with three flavors of popcorn.”

The Target solution: Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Mystic Comics Volume 1; Women’s Shake Hand Weights and Men’s Shake Hand Weights; and Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popper


Couple No. 3: James and Tiffany Lee
Married October 2011

Still on their wish list: “Anything bed-related: new mattress, new pillows, etc. We sleep a big portion of our lives, but can’t seem to get over our cheapness to make it nicer for ourselves.”

The Target solution: Cool Sensation Firm Support Memory Foam Mattress; 400 Thread Count Down Alternative Pack and Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow


Couple No. 4: Brett Leveridge and Erin Meister
Married December 2008

Still on their wish list: “A GPS to take with us on road trips, new pots and pans, and some nice wine or cocktail glasses. Whenever we’re having parties, we always have to serve people with an awkward combination of mismatched vintage tumblers.”

The Target solution: TomTom XL 335T Portable GPS Navigation System with 4.3″ Touch Screen; Paula Deen Purple Traditional Porcelain Cookware Set – 10-Piece; and The Wine Enthusiast Fusion Stemware Pinot Noir Glasses


Couple No. 5: Jake and Corinne Provost
Married April 2007

Still on their wish list: “A Playstation: It just seemed too silly.” [Ed’s note: Never!]

The Target solution: Playstation 3 Entertainment System; Madden NFL 12; and Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2



Couple No. 6: Arye and Shana Dworken
Married November 2007

Still on their wish list: “A grill pan, Dyson upright vacuum, and all of the KitchenAid essentials — especially the pasta and sausage makers.”

The Target solution: Kitchen Essentials from Calphalon Hard Anodized Nonstick 12″ Round Grill; Dyson DC25 Animal Ball Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners; and KitchenAid Pasta Roller Accessory; KitchenAid Sausage Stuffer Attachment; Giada De Laurentiis for Target Pasta Lovers Gift Set


It’s scanning time!
Grab your gun and knock out your registry wish list at Target.com.

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