Fashion Week’s Favorite Doll: Missoni for Target’s Little Marina

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Imagine this: a young, style-obsessed girl gets the gig of a lifetime working for Target and Missoni. This girl is graced with her very own gorgeous blog where she muses about the much-adored, almost-launched collection and all things stylish.

Wait – we’re not done. Target and Missoni then decide to send her to New York City to report from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Are you jealous yet? We are.

Now imagine that this lucky girl is a doll. Yup – a doll, hinges and all, is living every girl’s dream. Her name is Little Marina and she’s a real doll.  In the middle of her hectic schedule and NYFW appearances, we got a chance to chat with the jet setting bambolina.

What has life beyond the shelf been like?
Little Marina: A-MA-ZING. I mean, I went from a colorless existence of staring out the window to connecting to the world of fashion and other style obsessed dolls. And hello?! My new BFF Margherita Maccapani Missoni is the best (still love you Alessandra)! And double hello?! I got to go to NYC during fashion week as the style middle doll for the Missoni for Target collaboration. Really, does it get any better?

What do you and BFF Margherita Maccapani Missoni do for fun?
LM: Hanging out at the beach, gossiping about fashion and boys, eating gelato and sipping on an espresso is a perfect day for us.

Were you nervous before your big reveal yesterday? How long did it take you to pick out an outfit?
LM: I was soooooo lucky to have so many amazing Missoni for Target outfits to choose from, all perfect for my extra tall doll size! I wasn’t nervous about what to wear because every single item in their collection is A-MA-ZING. I just hope I looked as stylish as all the incredible, super cool New York City fashionistas.

So they make Missoni for Target in your size?!
LM: Yes they do, but just for lucky me! But, all of the Missoni for Target clothing comes in a wide range of sizes – there really is something perfect for everyone.

How would you describe the Missoni for Target collection?
LM: The collection is awesome because there’s something for everyone, from the clothing to the interior products and even a bicycle; the range is versatile and exciting. The best part of it all is that it’s AFFORDABLE! Yes people, at last our wardrobes can be FULL of Missoni, and we can even afford furniture and beautiful kitchenware for our houses, all in the killer Missoni style we adore.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

LM: It sounds lame, but actually I love everything. Though I do have a particular soft spot for the patterned bicycle…


I’m sure Fashion Week has been a whirlwind. Have you been able to explore New York City at all?
LM: It’s been an incredible whirlwind, and I’ve seen the coolest, most fashionable spots in the city like The Highline, Lincoln Center, SoHo, Union Square, Washington Square Park and the East Village. Oh! And I adore the West Village, especially Magnolia Bakery. Can you say cupcakes? And of course during NYFW the most fashionable of the fashionable are out and about; wherever you turn there is someone looking fabulous.

How would you describe your style?
LM: My style is a bit of everything – I’m a doll that LOVES fashion from lots of decades, from the flapper dresses of the ‘20s to the headband skirts of the ‘80s and I think how I dress totally reflects this. But of course, I really love fashion today – especially anything Missoni! Bring on the multi-coloured zigzag knit!

Do you have any fashion muses?
LM: Well my BFF Margarita Missoni is of course my style hero. Elsa Schiaparelli is also a huge inspiration for so many reasons – she is Italian for one, and she did the most amazing thing for fashion – she was the first to popularize animal print and hot pink.

You love glitter, and it’s all over your blog. What do you like best about the sparkly trend?
LM: Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love glitter? I love glitter because it reminds me of the disco era in New York, and I’m totally obsessed with the style of that time. I’m so happy this trend is back in a major way. What can I say? It’s glitter!

When you’re blogging, what are you usually wearing?

LM: Fabulous outfits of course! I’m a doll who loves to dress up, whether I’m in my bedroom or out with the girls. I’m always dressed to impress.

Where do you blog?
LM: Mostly I blog from my casa in Varese, but I also love to have a morning coffee at my favorite cafes to get inspiration. I always see girls looking super cool and photograph them there. In New York, I loved Café Gitane in NoLita and blogged from there a little.  I also liked to blog in The Standard Hotel’s lobby and the fab restaurant Pastis. Looking out at the Meat-Packing District’s cobbled streets? A-ma-zing.

Favorite spot in Italy?
LM: Varese of course! I love our streets lined with Gelato-colored pastel houses.

What are your plans post fashion week?
LM: Well, I’m heading to Minnesota to see Target and meet all the amazing people that sponsor my blog and created this project. Then it’s back to Varese for me. 

Do you have any final fashion words of wisdom for girls that want to upgrade their style?
LM: Go sky-high with your style, like me! Don’t be afraid of bold color and print; do like Elsa Schiaparelli did – own them. Be a doll and dress up!


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Little Marina Photos by Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal

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