directors & management


As of April 2017

  • Roxanne S. Austin

    President, Austin Investment Advisors

    (2) (5)
  • Douglas M. Baker, Jr.

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ecolab Inc.

    (4) (5)
  • Brian C. Cornell

    Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation

  • Calvin Darden

    Chairman, Darden Putnam Energy & Logistics, LLC

    (2) (4)
  • Henrique De Castro

    Former Chief Operating Officer, Yahoo! Inc.

    (2) (3)
  • Robert L. Edwards

    Former President and Chief Executive Officer, AB Acquisition LLC (Albertsons/Safeway)

    (3) (5)
  • Melanie L. Healey

    Former Group President, North America, The Procter & Gamble Company

    (2) (3)
  • Donald R. Knauss

    Former Executive Chairman, The Clorox Company

    (2) (4)
  • Monica C. Lozano

    Former Chairman, U.S. Hispanic Media, Inc.

    (1) (4)
  • Mary E. Minnick

    Partner, Lion Capital LLP

    (1) (3)
  • Anne M. Mulcahy

    Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Save the Children Federation, Inc.

    (2) (5)

    After nearly 20 years of dedicated service, Anne Mulcahy is retiring from our Board at the end of her current term. The Board is grateful to Anne for her leadership, wisdom and exemplary service.

  • Derica W. Rice

    Executive Vice President, Global Services and Chief Financial Officer, Eli Lilly and Company

    (1) (5)
  • Kenneth L. Salazar

    Partner, WilmerHale

    (3) (5)


  1. Audit and Finance Committee
  2. Human Resources and Compensation Committee
  3. Infrastructure and Investment Committee
  4. Nominating and Governance Committee
  5. Risk and Compliance Committee

executive officers

As of April 2017

  • Casey L. Carl

    Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

  • Brian C. Cornell

    Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

  • Rick H. Gomez

    Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

  • Don H. Liu

    Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

  • Stephanie A. Lundquist

    Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Michael E. McNamara

    Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Digital Officer

  • John J. Mulligan

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Janna A. Potts

    Executive Vice President and Chief Stores Officer

  • Jackie Hourigan Rice

    Executive Vice President and Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

  • Cathy R. Smith

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Mark J. Tritton

    Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer

  • Laysha L. Ward

    Executive Vice President and Chief External Engagement Officer

other senior officers

As of April 2017

  • Patricia Adams

    Executive Vice President, Merchandising Product Group

  • Rich Agostino

    Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

  • Aaron Alt

    Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Kristi Argyilan

    Senior Vice President, Media and Guest Engagement

  • David Best

    Senior Vice President, Merchandise Planning, Essentials and Hardlines

  • Dawn Block

    Senior Vice President, Digital

  • Karl Bracken

    Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Transformation

  • Jeff Burt

    Senior Vice President, Grocery, Fresh Food and Beverage

  • John Butcher

    Senior Vice President, Merchandising Beauty and Dermstore

  • Anahita Cameron

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Kelly Caruso

    President, Target Sourcing Services

  • Joe Contrucci

    Senior Vice President, Stores

  • Ben Cook

    Senior Vice President, Global Inventory Management

  • Tony Costanzo

    Senior Vice President, Stores

  • Brett Craig

    Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Supply Chain Portfolio Solutions

  • Tim Curoe

    Senior Vice President, Talent and Organizational Effectiveness

  • Paritosh Desai

    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Michael Fiddelke

    Senior Vice President, Merchandising Capabilities

  • Juan Galarraga

    Senior Vice President, Store Operations

  • Seemantini Godbole

    Senior Vice President, Digital and Marketing, Target Technology Services

  • Julie Guggemos

    Senior Vice President, Product Design and Development

  • Anu Gupta

    Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence

  • Corey Haaland

    Senior Vice President, Treasurer

  • Robert Harrison

    Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller

  • Christina Hennington

    Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Essentials and Beauty

  • Cynthia Ho

    Senior Vice President, Target Sourcing Services, Global Sourcing

  • Yu-Ping Kao

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Pay and Benefits

  • Tom Kadlec

    Senior Vice President, Infrastructure and Operations

  • Navneet Kapoor

    President and Managing Director, Target India

  • Scott Kennedy

    President, Target Financial and Retail Services

  • Rodney Lastinger

    Senior Vice President, Stores

  • Stephanie Lucy

    Senior Vice President, Merchandise Planning, Apparel and Accessories and Home

  • Preston Mosier

    Senior Vice President, Fulfillment Operations

  • Scott Nygaard

    Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Hardlines

  • Tammy Redpath

    Senior Vice President, Creative and Marketing Operations

  • Jill Sando

    Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Home

  • Mark Schindele

    Senior Vice President, Target Properties

  • Samir Shah

    Senior Vice President, Stores

  • Dustee Tucker Jenkins

    Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

  • Arthur Valdez

    Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain and Logistics Officer

  • Todd Waterbury

    Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer

  • Michelle Wlazlo

    Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Apparel and Accessories