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Target’s Industry-Leading Investments in Pay & Benefits


Target is permanently raising its starting minimum wage for U.S. team members by $2 beginning July 5

September 2017—Committed to $15 by the end of 2020, starting at $11

June 2019—Most recent increase, moving to $13

July 2020—$15 minimum wage for all at stores, distribution centers and headquarters

Target’s $15 minimum wage is more than 25% higher than the U.S. industry average*

~$1billion more invested in the well-being, health and safety of team members compared to 2019

$200 one-time recognition bonuses will be given to frontline team members in stores and distribution centers as a thank you for their efforts during COVID-19

The health and safety of Target’s team members remains a priority

Free access to health care through virtual doctor visits for all U.S.-based team members

30-day backup care for all U.S. team members through the end of August 2020

We’ll continue to waive our absenteeism policy, provide access to free mental health resources and offer paid leave options for team members who are symptomatic or have a confirmed case of coronavirus


*Mean hourly wage for general merchandise store salespeople: $11.92 (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2018)


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