credit monitoring FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions about our free credit monitoring offer.

Registration for our free credit monitoring offer ended on April 23.

Because we value you as our guest and your trust is important to us, you can sign up for one year of free credit monitoring that includes identity theft insurance (except where prohibited by law). In addition to a complimentary copy of your credit report, you will receive daily credit monitoring, identity theft insurance where available, and have access to personalized assistance from a highly trained Fraud Resolution Agent. This offer applies to all Target guests who shopped in U.S. stores. To register, please go to before April 23, 2014.

In addition, to guard against possible consumer scams, always be cautious about sharing personal information, such as Social Security numbers, passwords, user IDs and financial account information. Target is also watching out for these scams and working with online partners to take down fraudulent websites and stop social media scams intended to exploit our guests.

Here are some tips:

  • Never share information with anyone over the phone, email or text, even if they claim to be someone you know or do business with. Instead, ask for a call-back number.
  • Delete texts immediately from numbers or names you don’t recognize.
  • Be wary of emails that ask for money or send you to suspicious websites. Don’t click links within emails you don’t recognize.

You can also find a FAQ specific to the data breach, which includes information related to scams, here.

Who is eligible for free credit monitoring?

All Target guests who shopped in U.S. stores can take advantage of one-year of free credit monitoring.

If I share my credit or debit account that was used at Target, who should sign up for free credit monitoring?

All Target guests who shopped in U.S. stores can take advantage of one-year of free credit monitoring. Both account holders can sign up for the product.

How do I sign up for free credit monitoring?

Request an activation code by entering your name and your email address on a Target website:

Within 72 hours, you will receive an email from Target with your unique activation code and instructions on next steps. After you receive your activation code, visit to register for one year of free credit monitoring. You must sign up before April 30, 2014. 

Why do I need to enter my email address if I know you already have it?

In order to provide a simple, consistent experience for all guests seeking free credit monitoring, Target is asking interested guests to request an activation code by submitting their email address.

Will my email be used for anything other than credit monitoring?

Emails collected during this process will only be used for the purpose of sending a code for free credit monitoring.

If you are receiving other Target communications (e.g., weekly circular, Cartwheel, deals), you will continue to receive those offers and emails.

Why might it take 72 hours to get the activation code?

We  are working as quickly as we can to make it easy for all guests to register. We expect most codes to arrive much sooner than 72 hours. Guests will have until April 23, 2014 to request a code and until April 30, 2014 to register their code with Experian.

What is ProtectMyID?

ProtectMyID is a credit monitoring and identity theft protection product offered by Experian, a leading global information services company.

What is offered as part of the credit monitoring/ProtectMyID?

The one year of free monitoring membership to ProtectMyID includes:

  • Credit Report: You will get a free copy of their Experian credit report. If you enroll online, your report will be available online. Online credit reports are available for 30 days.
  • Daily Credit Monitoring: You will receive alerts for one year that reflect changes to your Experian credit report during your membership term. This includes new inquiries, newly opened accounts, new derogatory information (such as delinquencies or medical collections) and more.
  • Identity Theft Resolution: If confirmed that you have been the victim of identity theft, you will be assigned a dedicated, U.S.-based Experian Fraud Resolution Agent who will walk you through the fraud resolution process—and remain available to answer questions—from start to finish.
  • Identity Theft Insurance: If you have been a victim of identity theft relating to this incident, you will immediately be covered by a $1 million insurance policy that can help you cover certain costs, including lost wages, private investigator fees, and unauthorized electronic fund transfers for one year.
  • ProtectMyID ExtendCARE: Access to personalized assistance from a highly-trained Fraud Resolution Agent will continue even after the initial one year ProtectMyID membership expires.

Will I get a credit score as part of the free offering?

Credit scores will not be offered to guests who sign up for the free year of credit monitoring. You do not need a credit score to receive the benefits of credit monitoring.

How long will this offer be available?

You may visit to request an activation code through April 23,2014. Once you receive your code, you have until April 30, 2014 to register on Experian’s website. The one year of free credit monitoring begins once you register with Experian.

When does the one year of free credit monitoring start?

Once you receive your unique code, you have until April 30, 2014 to register with ProtectMyID. The one year of free credit monitoring begins once you enroll with ProtectMyID.

Will I be automatically re-enrolled after one year?

No. After 12 months, those who register have the option to continue their ProtectMyID memberships at their own expense.

Will I have to enter payment information when registering for ProtectMyID?

No. Target is providing a free one-year membership to ProtectMyID.

Why is Experian asking me to pay for a credit score or to buy additional reports?

You do not need to purchase a credit score or additional reports from Equifax and TransUnion to receive the benefits of credit monitoring. Credit scores and additional reports can be purchased from Experian at their own expense if guests choose.

Why is Target offering protection against identity theft?

We understand some guests are anxious and frustrated about the recent data breach at Target. We are offering this product because your trust is important to us.

Why do I have to provide Experian with personal information, such as my social security number?

Experian asks for personal information—such as your social security number—so that your identity can be verified during the registration process and future log-ins. It is a security measure to ensure no one else has access to your information. Check Experian's FAQ section for more information.

Does the product monitor individual credit card transactions or should I still be monitoring my account?

ProtectMyID provides guests with credit monitoring alerts, which reflect changes in their credit reports. Guests should always monitor their card statements for unusual or suspicious activity.

If I have used multiple credit or debit cards at Target, will I need to sign up multiple times for credit monitoring for each card?

ProtectMyID monitors an individual’s credit report, not a specific payment card, so you will only need to sign up once.

What do I do if I didn’t receive my code?

If it has been more than 72 hours since you submitted your name and email address, we would encourage you to try the following steps:

  • First, check the junk or spam email folder. Depending on your email filter settings, your email may have been directed to one of those folders.
  • Re-submit your email address at to ensure the email address was accurately received. If the address was incorrectly entered, you will not have received an email.
  • If neither of the above options work, please try submitting another request using a different email address.

How do I know if the email I received from Target is real?

Check for all official communication from Target.