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From our founding in Minnesota in 1962 to opening in our 50th state — Vermont — in 2018, we're proud to serve guests across the United States. Read on for Target milestones, memories and history-making moments in every state we call home.

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Founded in Birmingham, Alabama, Shipt was acquired by Target in December 2017 (it’s one of Target’s largest acquisitions to date!) and still maintains headquarters in the city. Shipt is a same-day delivery marketplace that is available in more than 170 Target markets, allowing guests to shop our in-store assortment of groceries, essentials, electronics, home décor items and more. Shipt currently has 375 employees at its Alabama HQ and recently announced plans to create more than 800 new jobs in Birmingham over the next several years, helping to grow the state’s tech industry.


Did you know? Target has had a headquarters location in Tempe, Arizona, since 2000! With between 400 to 700 team members working out of the office at any given time, it's a bustling hub that primarily houses support teams for Target.com and REDcard programs. Fun fact: Since Arizona doesn't observe daylight saving time like most other states (no "springing ahead" or "falling back" for them), the office hours change in the spring and fall so that the service center teams can support Target guests consistently throughout the year.


When opening a Target store in a new location, particularly an area with specific architectural styles, we try to acclimate to our new neighborhood (check out our Wisconsin and New Mexico stores!). But when it came to building a new store in San Rafael, California, we had a different sort of ask: the city's green building ordinance requires all new buildings to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. It's how the design and construction industries rate how "green," or environmentally friendly a building is. Through specific construction schedules that worked around local wildlife breeding seasons, using recycled and locally manufactured materials and installing energy-saving electrical systems, the building earned LEED Gold in 2013 and was the first Target to ever receive that certification!


Launched in 2012, The Shops at Target was a mini design partnership of sorts, where we worked with specialty shops across the country to develop unique, limited-edition collections exclusively for Target. One such shop? The famed Privet House home goods store in Connecticut, which is known for its charming collections and vintage finds.


When Hurricane Irma tore through Florida in September 2017, team members at the food distribution center in Lake City, Florida were there to help. Unable to deliver 15 trailers full of food to closed Target stores, they worked with Feeding America to donate the products to food banks across Florida and Georgia. It was just one of the many ways that Target showed up for hurricane-stricken communities in need.


Did you know? Hawaii is one of the states leading in Target store sustainability thanks to a major push in solar installations and electric vehicle stations. With so many sunny days per year, Hawaii Targets decided to take advantage of the natural resource by installing rooftop solar panels that offset one-third of each store's energy usage. And for electric car owners, charging stations at the seven Hawaii stores let guests drive up, plug in and shop.  


The holiday shopping season is hectic for everyone, but can be especially daunting for guests who are elderly, disabled or need special attention. In 1973, Moline, Illinois, Target store manager Jim Simms dreamt up a program that would make holiday shopping easy and fun for all guests. He sent a special invite to senior citizens and guests with disabilities and had store team members lend an extra helping hand while they shopped the holiday assortment. More than 40 years later, the Holiday Helpers shopping program lives on as stores across the country host the annual event, which also offers free gift wrapping and holiday treats!


Today, many Target stores across the country sell beer, wine and liquor. But that wasn't always the case! When stores in Iowa started selling beer in 1972, it was an immediate hit. In fact, the Mason City store sold 1,600 six-packs within five hours! Fast-forward 24 years, an Iowa store made history again when the SuperTarget in Davenport was the first store to get a full liquor license. Nowadays, stores in Iowa and across the country sell local and national brands, including only-at-Target favorites like California Roots. Cheers!


In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast, Target launched a critical part of its crisis response strategy: The Corporate Command Center (C3). Operating 24/7, the Minneapolis-based center monitors severe weather and other events around the globe that could impact guests and team members. C3 brings together representatives from all areas of the business, a cross-functional group called the Green Team, so we can respond quickly to nearly any situation… like when Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the surrounding area was hit by devastating flooding in August 2016. With six stores and more than 1,000 team members in the area, it was a crisis that hit close to home. Target donated $400,000 to help assist the American Red CrossSalvation Army, local schools, food banks and other nonprofits. Four months later, when the Baton Rouge East Target reopened (it was the hardest-hit, with 29 inches of standing flood water), it had undergone a complete store makeover. With a revamped Guest Service and Order Pickup counter, Home and Grocery upgrades and a new Starbucks, it was just one way to welcome back the community.


Known for its all-natural personal care products, Tom's of Maine has been available at Target for over 15 years. With 31 items across their Target portfolio available in stores and online—including oral care, antiperspirant, deodorant and baby care—Tom's is a popular brand for our guests. In fact, Tom's was part of our 2016 Made to Matter program as an industry-leading natural, organic and sustainable brand, and created four exclusive items just for Target guests! As part of our Made to Matter Week of Service initiative, Tom’s of Maine employees volunteered at the Community Bicycle Center in Biddeford, Maine, in Sept. 2016, working to get the center ready for their busy fall season of free youth enrichment programs.


In April 2013, the Watertown Target lent a helping hand to Boston police officers as they searched for and ultimately tracked down the Boston Marathon bomber. Boston Police Commissioner William Gross, who’s had a long history of working with the city’s Target stores on events, partnerships and more, remembers the night. “We were in Watertown searching for the second terrorist, and our officers needed flashlights, batteries and other supplies. Target was doing inventory that night, so one of my officers simply knocked on the door and there were no questions asked—the team members immediately supplied officers with whatever they needed to facilitate the search. The following morning, Target again supplied our officers with water, food, medicine, phone chargers and more,” he recalls. As for how their partnership is today, Commissioner Gross says it’s better than ever. “Not only does Target take care of their community, they take care of their law enforcement community, as well. Working with Target has been one of the best private sector partnerships we’ve ever had.”


Minnesota is our home state and we’ve been a proud resident of our twin hometowns, Minneapolis and St. Paul, since Target started as the Dayton Dry Goods Company in 1902! For more than 50 years, Target headquarters has been an integral part of the downtown Minneapolis community and surrounding area—including 58 stores and over 24,000 team members across the state. We’re proud of the programs we’ve instituted to do good in our hometown community—like partnering with the Super Bowl Legacy Fund’s 52 Weeks of Giving Program to create a Wellness Hub at the People’s Center & Clinic in Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in the lead-up to Super Bowl LII—and the ongoing work we do with partner organizations, like Northside Achievement ZoneGreater Twin Cities United Way and more. In 2017, our support totaled over 84,100 hours to volunteering with area non-profits and more than 4.9 million pounds of donated food.

Read more about Target in the Twin Cities.


Thanks to an over 20-year partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Target has a long history of fighting the good fight against childhood cancer. So in fall of 2017, when a Kansas City, Missouri, store found out that one of their littlest guests was battling the disease and that her birthday was coming up, they decided to put together something extra special. Store team members threw three-year-old Emery a birthday party in her local store and even brought in characters from "Frozen" to put a smile on her face. Missouri team members often go above and beyond, and this is just one of the many examples. In 2017, team members completed a total of 11,247 volunteer hours!


Today, all Target stores offer a fresh grocery section with produce, dairy and meat options—but that wasn't always the case! When Target first opened in 1962, guests could shop a full grocery selection, but by 1980, Target phased that category out of stores. So 15 years later, when the first SuperTarget opened in Omaha, Nebraska, it was a big comeback for Target's grocery business. With everything from fresh produce, to clothing to electronics, the larger-footprint store offered more of what guests love to shop and was a historic moment for Target stores.

New Mexico

Just over a century ago, Santa Fe, New Mexico, decided to preserve its distinct architectural style and created a building code that adhered to the style of Pueblo Revival architecture—best known for contoured adobe walls, flat roofs and exposed beams. Today, the style is still popular around the city and helps set Santa Fe apart as a haven of art and history. When Target opened a new store in the city over 20 years ago, they worked within city design codes to adapt a typical Target store exterior to fit in with the local architecture. The result? An adobe-style Target store, complete with smooth, earth-tone walls, rounded corners, timber accent details and more key features.

North Carolina

You may remember the viral moment from 2015, when a Raleigh, North Carolina, Target team member was photographed showing a teenage guest how to tie a tie and sharing job interview tips. It was a heartwarming story about the kindness of strangers that got picked up by the local news. But there's more! One week later, after successfully completing two rounds of interviews at a local restaurant, the teen was offered the job—and his friends from Target were there to celebrate his achievement. Former Target team member Dennis Roberts even helped him put on his new work uniform tie!


Built in 1910 as the Olds, Wortman & King department store, the Portland Galleria building was converted into a shopping center in the mid-1970s and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. So when Target made plans to open up shop inside the building, it was no small job. Major renovations helped preserve and match the historic exterior, while interior renovations made room for the three-floor store. The Galleria Target officially opened in 2013 and even won an American Institute of Architects Special Award for Adaptive Reuse!

Rhode Island

With more than 25,000 Rhode Island School of Design alumni out in the world, it's no wonder there are more than a few RISD graduates working at Target across marketing, site design and product design and development. After all, our PD&D department—where the team creates everything from new product packaging to floral prints for apparel collections—offers a variety of career paths and the opportunity to see your design work in stores across the country.

South Dakota

Ever wonder where Target gift cards and REDcards are made? It all takes place at the Target Card Services facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! They handle everything from processing new gift cards (Target holds approx. 150 design and utility patents on gift cards!), to printing and mailing card statements, new REDcard applications and more. Yet even with all that on their plate, the team still has time to give back to their local community. Each month, the Target Volunteer Council at Target Card Services delivers meals for Meals on Wheels, and in 2018, they got involved in seven additional volunteer projects.


Texas is known for a lot of things, but for Target, it's the home of our favorite design duo: Chip and Joanna Gaines! The creative geniuses behind our popular Target brand Hearth & Hand with Magnolia have expanded their home and lifestyle line into hundreds of items across dozens of categories. Whether you're in the market for office suppliesholiday decorations or new furniture, Chip and Jo have got you covered.


Our store in South Burlington, Vermont, which opened October 2018, is a big milestone in Target's history. Located in a 60,000-square-foot former retail space near the University of Vermont, our teams designed it with lots of easy, convenient and inspiring shopping experiences for local residents, professionals and students. It's also our first small-format to offer Target’s broad array of fulfillment options, including an Order Pickup counter for online orders, Drive Up service for cars, bikes and motorcycles, and same-day delivery shopped by Shipt. And we built in a number of sustainable features, including repurposing the existing retail space, composting our waste, incorporating efficient lighting and mechanical designs—all based on what locals told us are important values in the community.


Not only is Seattle the hometown of our longtime partner Starbucks (who you have to thank for your caffeine-fueled Target Run fun), but it was also the location of one of our first CityTarget stores! The first Seattle location, still thriving today, opened in July 2012 and offered new Target conveniences tailor-made for city-dwellers, all in a more compact space. With a dedicated weekly ad, a digital welcome board that highlights special offers and services and new navigational signs, CityTarget stores were an important step in the process that have led to our small-format stores. Today the Pike Place store is one of the many Target stores we have open in urban centers.

West Virginia

In the 1910s and 1920s, workers poured into parts of West Virginia as a booming mining community took hold. With many new people in town, the Women's Home Missionary Society saw a need for a community center that would assist locals with health services, English classes and more. So in 1927, the Scott's Run Settlement House was built. Today, team members from the Morgantown Target store—which was built on a reclaimed coal mine and former coal refuse—volunteer their time at SRSH and help the center fundraise for the community. As SRSH Executive Director Shay Petitto puts it, "Target graciously provides weekly donations to our food pantry, shopping bags for our backpack feeding program, employee volunteers to help unload food trucks and support of our annual fundraiser. Target is truly one of our most valuable corporate partners. Without the support of Target, it would be very difficult to meet the needs of our community. Target allows Scott's Run Settlement House to make a lasting impact on those less fortunate."


When building a new Target store, maintaining and protecting the local environment is an important part of our construction plan. For the South Anchorage store in Alaska, where a 1.75-acre high value wetland sits in the middle of the shopping center parking area, crews timed construction around the wetland to ensure it wouldn't impact nesting migrant birds, installed storm water treatment devices to remove debris before it entered the wetland and eliminated the use of salt on the parking lot.


Through our School Library Makeover Program in partnership with the Heart of America Foundation, Target renovated over 200 libraries between 2007-2014. When a tornado came roaring though Marmaduke, Arkansas in 2006, Target was there to help pick up the pieces. For three weeks, Target volunteers painted, redecorated, carpeted and installed new computers in affected libraries. But most importantly, they replaced old reading materials with nearly 2,000 new books.


As the first state to get a Target outside of Minnesota (in 1966!), Colorado has always had a special spot in Target history. Today, we're transforming old buildings into new Target stores to bring new life into existing structures. In Denver, for example, we transformed a vacant, 1980s food court into a new 30,000-square-foot small-format Target store!


Delaware has a passionate group of volunteering team members who offer their time and services to notable organizations throughout the state. From the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life in Wilmington, to the Dover Police Department and local community celebrations, the team racked up 694 volunteer hours across the state’s three stores for 2017!


In August 2018, we celebrated Major League Soccer All-Star Week in Atlanta by opening three new soccer play spaces throughout the city! They're just the first of 10 we're opening in Atlanta in 2018 and part of our ongoing commitment to bring soccer to more kids and families across the country. The play spaces include soccer fields, goals, windscreens, seating and everything else young players and fans need to get in the game.


Since spring 2018, Grown in Idaho has been supplying Target stores across the country with four varieties of potato products. From crispy steak cut fries to restaurant-quality hash browns, all Grown in Idaho's products are, in fact, grown in Idaho! Plus, the company processes all of its potato products in a Twin Falls, Idaho, facility, which means a potato can be pulled from the field in the morning and be turned into a french fry by the afternoon. And if you're wondering exactly where in Idaho your fries came from, you can enter the QR code on the back of any Grown in Idaho product bag into their website and find out!


One of Target's biggest priorities is making sure our in-store experience is as welcoming and easy as possible. That's due in large part to our incredible group of store team members, and rings especially true for the Overland Park store in Kansas. Local guests who frequent the store say that while the entire team is friendly and kind, there's one team member in particular who goes above and beyond: Gulzar. From remembering guests' names, to warmly acknowledging everyone who passes through the self-checkout area, she's a constant, friendly presence that guests appreciate. Gulzar credits store leadership and the entire team for the warm, supportive work environment that empowers her to be her best self for guests. She says, “I can especially relate to guests who are scared of the self-checkout technology, because I know how that feels, and I do my best to help them feel comfortable.”


In celebration of opening 30 new Target stores across the Southeast—including Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida—in 1989, Target launched a marketing campaign with country-music group The Judds. Hailing from Kentucky, the duo was the perfect pair to announce Target's entrance to the region.


When a small-format Target store opened at the University of Maryland College Park campus in July 2015, it couldn't have come at a better time. The bustling college town wasn’t lined with places for students to shop, grab food to go or pick up affordable dorm supplies. At nearly 15,000 square feet, the store fits at a critical intersection where campus meets downtown. According to store sales, students stop by most often in the evening and are shopping for Food and Beverage items. Sounds like dinner to us!


By 2016, Flint, Michigan's water crisis had reached a critical point. With no end to the lead-tainted water in sight, a state of emergency was declared early that year—and shortly after, Target stepped in to help. Target sent eight trucks filled with more than 300,000 bottles of water to the affected areas, then got to work on partnerships to provide residents with a longer-term solution. By teaming up with Pur and Zerowater, we were able to donate 15,000 faucet and pitcher filters to the city. Target also donated $75,000 to the Genesee Intermediate School District to give students nutritious meals that help reduce lead absorption in the body, an important step in reducing the harm it can cause.


Did you know? The mighty Mississippi River, the longest in the country, starts in our very own home state of Minnesota! It flows through many communities where we do business as it makes its journey south to the Gulf. As part of our freshwater stewardship approach, we're working to reduce our water usage, improve efficiency and keep our wastewater free of hazardous chemicals—all to keep freshwater sources like the Mississippi River clean. As for the communities surrounding the river, we've got their backs, too. In 2011, when the river overflowed its banks, we donated $150,000 in cash and product to the affected areas to aid in the relief effort.


In 2016 we profiled Octavian, an Executive Team Leader in Logistics in Billings, Montana, who joined Target in 2010 after moving to the U.S. from Moldova and starting as a part-time seasonal hire. Since learning a new language and acclimating to the culture, Octavian has settled in to life in Montana. "Since 2016, I have become a father and I’m currently in the process of adopting my second child. I love being a dad so I focus my volunteer time on all things for kids. I proudly do volunteer work with Zoo Montana, the Billings Parks association and Montana State University Billings."


During the 57th GRAMMY® Awards, hosted in Las Vegas, Target produced a ground-breaking moment by creating the first live commercial in the history of the telecast. The four-minute Imagine Dragons performance went off without a hitch—an impressive feat that inspired future #MoreMusic live events.

New Jersey

As part of a new distribution strategy, Target is in the process of speeding up its restocking cycle and paring down inventory kept at stores—especially for small-format stores and stores in dense urban areas. One way to get that done? With new facilities called "flow centers," one of which is in operation in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The warehouse is a critical component of the state's supply chain, not only replenishing stores with smaller, customized and more frequent shipments, but also fulfilling online orders. It's just one of the ways we're hard at work to make sure guests quickly receive online orders and can always find what they're looking for on store shelves!

New York

We know for city-dwellers, carrying heavy shopping bags home on the bus, subway or train is a struggle. That’s why in June 2017 in certain cities where driving to stores isn’t an option, we tested a from-store delivery service. In New York City, the Tribeca Target offered guests the option to have their purchases delivered to them the same day for a small fee. While that pilot has since ended, Target continues to invest in innovative fulfillment solutions in New York and beyond.

North Dakota

When devastating floods tore through the city of Minot, North Dakota, just days before their second annual community celebration, the local Target store team stepped in to help. Team members grilled 1,500 hot dogs, handed out 500 silly bands and more than 250 door prizes. The city came out to support the event, including the chief of police, public safety partners and the 5th Security Forces from the local Minot Air Force Base. And thanks to a grant from Target, the community event included inflatable jumping castles for the kids, law enforcement equipment and even the bomb squad's remote robot!


As part of our freshwater stewardship approach, we're focused on how we can improve water quality, optimize water efficiency and increase access to clean water. That means reducing water use in stores, utilizing water saving design principles and more. In Ohio, we got first-hand experience in conserving and maintaining a protected water source during construction of a Target store in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, in 2009. We worked with the site developer to rebuild the stream embankment along the Blacklick Creek and have continued to help preserve the property. Today, the protected area is now home to local birds, frogs, butterflies and other wetland wildlife.


After storms and flooding devastated parts of Oklahoma in 2015, Target stepped in to help. With around 140 stores and three distribution centers in the area, we're an integral part of the local community and knew the hard-hit areas firsthand. We sent a $100,000 donation—$75,000 to the American Red Cross and $15,000 to local non-profits. As for the remaining $10,000? That came from a new program we were testing where Target matched local team members' personal Red Cross donations. Since 2015, that test has evolved into the Team Member Giving Fund, which we officially launched in early 2018. The fund lets team members donate directly to colleagues in need to help during natural disasters, like Hurricane Florence, and other crises.


From our Art Museum store next to the Barnes Foundation and Philadelphia Museum of Art, to our newest store in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia is a hotspot for recent Target store openings. And as a city entrenched in history, there’s often a story behind our store locations. The newest store, which opened fall 2018 at Broad and Washington, is next to the former Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore Railroad Freight Shed, a historic spot that played host to Abraham Lincoln not once, but twice. The first as he was campaigning for president and the second after his assassination—he was brought to the Shed for a public viewing that gave Philadelphians a chance to pay their final respects (after all, Philadelphia was the country’s first capital). As a testament to its history, the Shed was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. And it’s all right across the street from one of our newest stores!

South Carolina

Ever wonder how large Target furniture items get shipped to your house? For guests in the Southeast, they could be coming from the regional distribution center in Lugoff, which is one of Target's first ship-from-RDC facilities. By building a direct-to-guest shipping wing in part of the building—which traditionally replenishes stores—the Lugoff facility can focus on shipping large items that are harder to ship from stores. So if you live in the South and order a coffee table, patio furniture, bookcase or other large home items, our Lugoff team is proudly delivering for you!


Did you know? Target House at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, has been providing families with free, long-term housing and care for nearly 20 years! Thanks to hundreds of team member volunteer hours over the years—plus some pretty big celebrity partnerships—Target House has been a welcoming place for thousands of families from across the country when they come to St. Jude for lifesaving treatments.


When a family moves to a military base in a new state, the adjustment period can be tough. That's why Target is here to help. With not one, but two stores less than a 10-minute drive from the Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah, families have everything they need to create a comforting home, shop for groceries, pick up household supplies and more. And that's just one way Target supports our military and veterans. Through our Military Business Council, we're able to provide resources and support to team members with military connections, and as a member of the Veteran Jobs Mission, we're working with other top companies to hire 1 million veterans by 2020!


In the days leading up to and after a big sporting event, you’ve probably seen local merch show up at your Target store. That’s because stocking stores with merchandise from local teams is what Fan Central is all about. One great Fan Central moment from this year? When the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup, we made sure our Fan Central area in Gainesville, Virginia (pictured) and stores across Virginia were chock full of Caps merch so fans could gear up before the final game.


Fun fact: Did you know there's a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Target store? The famous American architect was a Wisconsin native and was the inspiration behind this Prairie style Target store design in Madison. It was built as part of Target's initiative to create stores that support and highlight a community's local aesthetic.


Before Target opened its stores in Wyoming in the late 1980s, it was not uncommon for guests to drive five hours or more to Denver to shop at Target. Our stores in Casper and Cheyenne are an important part of serving our guests in rural communities. Over the years, Wyoming store teams have volunteered time in support of a variety of important state projects, from environmental clean-up work in Yellowstone National Park to donating 2,000 teddy bears to Help Me Grow - Safe Kids Campaign so that law enforcement officials could give them to children in crisis.

District of Columbia

Target has a long history of supporting cultural institutions around the country, including our nation's capital! In 1997, we pledged $1 million toward the Washington Monument Restoration and commissioned famous architect Michael Graves to build scaffolding and a temporary cover that would preserve the monument's eye-catching appeal during the restoration. Since then, we've celebrated the 2016 opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, of which we're a founding donor and grand opening sponsor and recently announced our sponsorship of the National Law Enforcement Museum and its "Target Take the Case" exhibit, also in D.C.

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