Lilly Pulitzer for Target video transcript

Lively percussive and relaxed guitar music plays.
A frame displays the pink Lilly Pulitzer for Target logo. The Target Bullseye logo is displayed in the bottom corner. Various Lilly Pulitzer products display prints of flowers in vibrant colors.
Lilly Pulitzer print dresses hang on racks. Models pose in hammock and lounge chairs amidst a crowd of people. A badminton sculpture shows a series of shuttlecocks spiraling outward. A dining set displays colorful flower print napkins and tablecloths. Stacia Andersen speaks to the camera.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Stacia Andersen
Senior Vice President
Apparel and Accessories, Target
STACIA ANDERSEN: I'm Stacia Andersen, and I'm the SVP of apparel and accessories for Target.
A pair of sandals displays blue and pink flower print. Colorful glassware glows in soft light. A frame displays images of Lilly Pulitzer.
STACIA: I think the most exciting part about partnering with Lilly is really the heritage of the brand. They were the originator of American resort wear, and their product is just so chic and so fantastic. Our guests are gonna be really excited about the color and the print and how we brought it together in items that are really wearable and really livable for their homes.
A woman takes a photo of the dresses on the racks. People browse the Lilly Pulitzer items on display.
STACIA: Here is what I love about this collection: there's more than 250 pieces in the collection, everything from apparel to kids to home to beauty, and most items are under $30, and they start at $2. So there really is something in this collection for absolutely everyone.
Models display Lilly Pulitzer dresses and skirts. Women smile as they look at the dresses on display. A model poses in a lounge chair for a photographer.
STACIA: This is such a happy collection. You really can't help but smile when you see the iconic prints that Lilly has brought to life, and the way that we've applied them to different products and made it so stylish and modern, there's really something for everyone. And our guests are gonna be so excited to see this vibrant color in our stores.
Jane Schoenborn converses with guests. She speaks to the camera.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Jane Schoenborn
Vice President, Creative Communications,
Lilly Pulitzer
JANE SCHOENBORN: My name's Jane Schoenborn, and I'm the vice president of marketing and creative
communications at Lilly Pulitzer.
Models pose around a fountain.
JANE: And we're here at the Four Seasons restaurant to launch Lilly Pulitzer for Target. We decided to
partner with Target for this collaboration because they have so much style. We can't think of anyone
we would rather help us tell our message to the world.
People converse and laugh in groups among the items on display. They browse the dresses.
JANE: This collection appeals to every woman. That's what we're so proud of. Lilly was so inclusive with
everybody. So this print and color can't help but make you happy, and I think that applies to
Colorful shoes and sandals display bright floral prints. Mannequins display yellow dresses.
JANE: Lilly Pulitzer's all about print, and we have an amazing team of Lilly Pulitzer print designers. And
we put them to work designing prints exclusively for this collection, so they can't be found anywhere
else. Thank you so much for spending some time with me to hear about the collection. We've had so
much fun doing it. I think you'll have so much fun shopping it. Enjoy.
Text appears on-screen next to the Target Bullseye logo.
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