Wit & Delight for Target with Kate Arends video transcript

Folksy music plays. A white Target Bullseye logo with various plants around it sit on a wall. The white Target Bullseye logo and small text sits in the bottom corner of the screen.
ON SCREEN TEXT: abullseyeview.com
A table filled with food and growler vases appear. As the camera pans up, the Wit & Delight for Target logo appears in the backdrop. Kate Arends walks towards the table and arranges items on it.
KATE: Hi, I'm Kate Arends.
Kate Arends speaks to the camera.
Blogger, Wit & Delight
KATE: I'm the designer and blogger behind Wit & Delight.
The camera pans over a set dinner table, showing products from the Wit & Delight product line for Target.
KATE: I'm so excited to celebrate the launch of Wit & Delight for Target tonight.
Kate grabs a growler vases and continues speaking.
KATE: One of my favorite products of the collection is our growler.
Kate sets a growler filled with flowers on the table beside a bucket of bottled beers.
KATE: As you can see, we're using it as a vase tonight.
The growlers sit on the table. Three growlers with the white Target Bullseye logo sit side by side.
KATE: We designed ours to have this cool chalkboard label.
Kate continues speaking and holding the growler.
KATE: The shape kind of resembles old beer labels from past.
The camera pans across a wall lined with the growlers.
KATE: With a chalkboard label, you can, you know, personalize these things. You can keep track of beer during a tasting, so it's a pretty fun little feature on the growler.
Kate continues speaking.
A close-up reveals a bucket filled with bottled beers.
KATE: Another product I love in the collection is our trusty beer bucket.
Kate opens a bottle of Crispin Cider.
Kate's hands grasp the beer bucket and adjust it. She continues speaking.
KATE: We designed it with chalkboard paint as well, so you can personalize it.
Kate grabs a beer bucket from a countertop.
KATE: We have a couple disposable pieces that really bring in functionality to your table.
Kate stands behind a counter filled with snack caddies.
The camera pans across shelves with items from the Wit & Delight collection for Target.
KATE: We have these really fun snack caddies that have a little special compartment for all of your dipping sauces and these really cool graphic liners that can hold your French fries or pretzels or whatever you want to put inside.
Cut to Kate's hands holding a snack caddy filled with boxes of fries. She continues speaking as she holds a box of fries.
The camera pans over a cheese and fruit tray beside white plates and gold utensils.
The camera pans across the warehouse space in which the table is set up.
KATE: One of the things I love about the collection is how versatile all the products are.
Kate continues speaking as she holds a glass votive.
KATE: For the party tonight, we're showing our fun glass votive shown as tea light holders with some cool geometric candles inside...
A close-up reveals tea light candles inside of the glass votives. Then, a succulent is shown inside of a glass votive.
KATE: Or succulent vases, so you can see that they work for a number of different things.
Kate continues speaking as the camera pans over the warehouse space.
KATE: I have one on my desk right now that I hold pencils in.
The camera pans over a desk filled with Wit & Delight products.
KATE: It wouldn't be a Wit & Delight collection without a sense of humor...
A close-up reveals a person wearing a t-shirt with the text, "Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder."
in the eye
of the
Beer Holder.
KATE: So we incorporated that into our tea towels, our cocktail napkins, and a beer opener.
Kate continues speaking as she holds a beer opener.
A group of people stand inside the warehouse space as Kate smiles and speaks with guests.
KATE: I hope you guys enjoyed the look at the product line.
Cut to Kate speaking to the camera in front of a wall lined with growlers.
KATE: It'll be online and in stores at Target.com this Sunday.
The white Target Bullseye logo surrounded by plants appears. The white Target Bullseye logo and white text appears over the screen.
behind the scenes at Target
Available in stores and on Target.com
beginning Sept. 14
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