Introducing Poppytalk for Target video transcript

Instrumental music plays. The Poppytalk for Target logo and the red Target Bullseye logo appear on a blue door. A tree sits beside it.
ON SCREEN TEXT: On Thursday, June 12, Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson,
co-founders of Vancouver-based blog Poppytalk, celebrated the
launch of their upcoming limited time only Poppytalk for Target
collection with family and friends at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson stand together at the Poppytalk for Target launch event. They look at a product together.
A close-up reveals white napkins with pink accents and the words "Bon Appetit" written on the bottom.
Two chefs carefully place a cake on a table.
WOMAN: We're incredibly excited to be celebrating the new era of tastemakers with online influencers.
A hand places a strawberry onto a pile of strawberries on top of a cake.
A close-up reveals various Poppytalk for Target items in a basket.
Earl and Jan look at a bottle.
A woman speaks into a microphone as Jan and Earl look on beside her.
WOMAN: And that's kind of where this new collection comes into play.
Three women sip drinks and chat.
A close-up reveals strawberries in a decorative box.
WOMAN: We partnered with the blog Poppytalk.
A close-up reveals Poppytalk for Target straws.
WOMAN: And we're incredibly excited to be launching the glamping themed collection.
A close-up reveals a blue pot with marshmallow roasters stacked on top.
A close-up reveals pink utensils from the Poppytalk for Target collection.
WOMAN: It's gonna be hitting stores June 22.
A close-up reveals a pink spoon and knife.
A close-up reveals cupcakes: stacked on a tiered cupcake stand.
WOMAN: And the pieces all range from $3 to $25, so it's incredible value.
A close up reveals flowers and pink utensils.
Jan and Earl look at a basket of pink utensils.
A close-up reveals a variety of Poppytalk for Target items.
WOMAN: I was so excited when I heard that Target was doing a Poppytalk line.
A woman wearing a denim jacket and flower pin speaks to the camera.
WOMAN: And today's the first I've seen of the product line.
A close-up reveals a vase of flowers beside cups of fruit.
A camping set up is revealed to be styled with various items from the Poppytalk for Target line.
WOMAN: It's even better than I imagined.
A close-up reveals a table of brightly colored Poppytalk for Target items.
WOMAN: Everything looks really fun and fresh and summery. It's great.
A close-up reveals a blue tablecloth from the Poppytalk for Target line.
WOMAN: The products are beautiful, functional, easy to use...
Cut to a brightly colored fabric checkerboard with checkers on top.
A blonde woman speaks to the camera.
WOMAN: But also to kind of add a little bit of that glamour to a camping experience or just having an outdoor experience in your backyard.
The camera pans across the event, revealing women talking together and eating snacks and drinking juice.
WOMAN: I love the products for roasting marshmallows...
The woman in the denim jacket continues speaking to the camera.
WOMAN: The little campfire stove in the aqua blue.
A close-up reveals a row of aqua blue campfire stoves.
WOMAN: I fell in love with the little water tumblers.
A close-up reveals a group of white water tumblers with floral print.
A blonde woman speaks to the camera.
WOMAN: I think they're just--They're so cute. I would carry that with me absolutely everywhere.
Jan and Earl pose beside the blue door with the Poppycock logo and red Target Bullseye logo.
A close-up reveals floral paper dinnerware and pink plastic utensils set on a table. The red Target Bullseye logo and the Poppytalk logo appear in the middle of the screen.