From Pinterest to Partying- Target Taps Top Pinners as Latest Design Partners video transcript

A variety of white office objects sit on a white background. A hand grabs white glasses off the table. Small notes with red pins featuring the names of pinners "Oh Joy!," "Poppytalk," and "Wit & Delight" pop onto a white notebook.
FEMALE ANNOUNCER: For the first time ever, Target joins top Pinterest pinners to create party collections that make your get-togethers easy to put together...
White scissors cut beside the notebooks, and the hand tears a page of the notebook off, revealing a green background.
An overhead shot reveals a green garden party setting. A hand pins the "Oh Joy!" paper to the scene. A green paper dog trots beside it.
ANNOUNCER: Featuring Oh Joy! Now your garden party comes to life.
The garden party scene disappears and collapses into a cone, which the hand grabs and pulls the bottom of. Green flowers sprout from the inside of the cone. The hand places it on the green background as green confetti explodes out of it.
The green background is replaced by a pink outdoor camping scene. The hand pins the "Poppytalk" paper to the scene. Pink paper butterflies fly around. A pink lobster appears on a pink outdoor grill. A utensil taps it, and it changes to a pink cake, then a pink plant.
ANNOUNCER: Poppytalk... Celebrate in the outdoors, glamorously.
The pink background is replaced by a yellow and orange background of fall leaves. The hand pins the "Wit & Delight" paper to the scene.
ANNOUNCER: And Wit & Delight...
The leaves scuttle away to reveal a yellow striped background. The hands place a cheese plate on the background beside yellow bottled beverages. The cheese disappears, leaving one wedge, which the hand takes.
ANNOUNCER: Here's to getting together.
The cheese plate spins and becomes a hexagon with drink shapes in the middle. An arrow appears in the middle and spins.
The background becomes a multicolored desk with various objects and confetti on it.
ANNOUNCER: Go from Pinterest to partying.
Balloons fly out of one of the pinned papers on the desk. The hand places a green paper into an
envelope. The envelope is flipped around to reveal the red Target Bullseye logo on the front.
ANNOUNCER: Pinner collaborations available exclusively at Target.
A close-up reveals the three pinned papers with the featured pinners names beneath the envelope with
the Target Bullseye logo. Small legal details appear at the bottom of the screen.